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Artificial intelligence would not need any sleep. This would be an advantage because it would not be interrupted from its tasks for sleep, as well as other issues that plague biological minds like restroom breaks and eating.

Unemotional consideration of problems. While an artificial mind could theoretically have emotions, it would be better for performance if it were programmed for unemotional reasoning. When people make decisions, sometimes those decisions are based on emotion rather than logic. This is not always the best way to make decisions.

Easier copying. Once an artificial mind is trained in a task, that mind can then be copied very easily, compared to the training of multiple people for the same task.

There are some disadvantages to the artificial mind as well ...

Limited sensory input. Compared to a biological mind, an artificial mind is only capable of taking in a small amount of information. This is because of the need for individual input devices. The most important input that we humans take in is the condition of our bodies. Because we feel what is going on with our own bodies, we can maintain them much more efficiently than an artificial mind. At this point, it is unclear whether that would be possible with a computer system.

Which leads to another disadvantage ...

The inability to heal. Biological systems can heal with time and treatment. For minor conditions, most biological systems can continue normally with only a small drop in performance. Most computer systems, on the other hand, often need to be shut down for maintenence.

These are only some basic advantages and disadvantages without getting too technical. I am sure that other answers will vary greatly from mine, but I take an unusual approach to my research.
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