What are the advantages and disadvantages of brainstorming?

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Disadvantages: •In a group participants have to listen to others and may spend time repeating their ideas until they get sufficient attention.
•Going through the protocol, processing and ordering the ideas can become a complex procedure. This also depends on the number and order of the generated ideas.
•Advising participants to let others speak without making them feel offended or intimidated can be difficult.
•Participants with the ability to express their ideas faster and more effective gain the general attention of the group. Some form of leadership can be formed in this way within the group, which might make participants feel intimidated.
•On the one hand, people are not very skilled at controlling their non-verbal reactions and might influence the creativity of others with their posture, gestures or facial expressions. On the other hand, attempting to control their non-verbal behavior might inhibit their own creativity.
•More discrete or introvert participants might find it difficult to express their crazy or unorthodox ideas.
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