What are the best nicknames you can give your boyfriend?

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honey, babe, baby, boo, sweetie

darling, sugar, sexecutioner, moneybags, big daddy, big papa, slick willie,
quick draw, young jizzy, sweet pea, cutie, pumpkin, meal ticket, cash cow,
sugar daddy, lover boy, sweetheart, snuggle bunny, dear, honeybunch, cupcake, sweetface, sparky, man biatch, taz, sugar britches, fabulous five fingers, hot lips, tarzan, ace, teddy bear, big guy, tiger, romeo, studmuffin, superman, my little soldier, cowboy, mr. magic, Indiana Jones, macho man, mr. bedrock, hunk-a-burnin-love, golden boy
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What are the best nicknames you can give your girlfriend?

It all depends actually, you can give a nickname based on your girlfriend's name (ex. My boyfriend's name is Kevin, so I call him KevyBear), something she's obsessed with (ex.

What is the best gift to give your boyfriend on his high school graduation?

Photo gift are among the best graduation gifts for a boyfriend, especially if he is going to move to other city for college. Nowadays, there are many companies selling customi

How can you give your boyfriend the best sex of his life?

Respect him when alone and in public. He will thank - you for that.\n. \nIf you get married, don't abuse his money, but practice good stewardship.\n. \nRespect his family.\n

What is the best nickname you can give your boyfriend?

Coming from a guy, Name him something cryptic based on a secret that only the two of you share, but nothing that will embarass him. For example, if hes scared of Lizards, you

What is the Best way to give oral to your boyfriend?

Use your tongue A LOT! Lick around the balls while using your hands to rub up and down his thighs. Make sure to get underneath the penis where it is really sensitive. While li

Is it bad that your boyfriend gives you a nickname?

i have a problem me and my boyfriend have been together about 3 to 4 months and he asked me if i was still his girlfriend is he planning to break up with me???? I would thi
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What is the best gift to give to your boyfriend on Valentine's Day?

There are a number of things that may be appropriate given the nature of your relationship: 1) Take him out to a restaurant that he enjoys but does not often get to go. 2