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What are the burial practices of different tribes in the Philippines?

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tboli burial
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Why does some of the iranun tribe of the Philippines moved to Sabah Malaysia?

The existence of the Iranun in Sabah, Malaysia is one of the untold episode or history of the Iranun as Nation of the world, way back from the Uranen Kingdom of the prehistory

What are the religious practices in the Philippines?

thr Filipinos have different kinds of values they are very hospitable to their guests and kind to other people.the filipino children are very respectful to elders especially t

What are Islamic traditional practices in burials?

Islamic burials are much simpler than traditional burials. You simply bury the person, maybe have an Imam say a few words and bless them. Everyone says under their breath "All

What are Philippines discriminatory and prejudicial employment practices?

Some employment laws exist in the Philippines. However employees and job applicants are openly discriminated and abused on the grounds of sex, age, appearance, background, edu

Burial and mourning practices of pre-colonial time?

Each pre-colonial culture had a different burial and mourning  practice, all of which vary widely. Some involve cremation of the  body, and others involve interrment of the