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What are the burial practices of different tribes in the Philippines?

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tboli burial
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What are the different tribes in the Philippines?

The principal tribes of the Philippines are; Igorots, Aeta, Manobo, Mandaya, Mangan, Dabawenyo . the different tribes in the Philippines are t'boli, tagbanua.isneg, ibaloi

How did burial practice vary in Egypt?

Well in Egypt when you died they disemboweled you they also took out your brain, then salted your remains then mummified you, and if you were one of importance all of your val

What are Islamic traditional practices in burials?

Islamic burials are much simpler than traditional burials. You simply bury the person, maybe have an Imam say a few words and bless them. Everyone says under their breath "All

What were the Egyptians burial practices?

The ancient Egyptians were really cool, they had an elaborate set of burial customs that they believed were necessary to ensure their immortality after death. These rituals in

What are some Hindu burial practices?

One was to offer flowers and spay body spray on the body In Nepal and India they would often burn the bodies on funeral pyres near the holy rivers, and then spread the ashe