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What are the burial practices of different tribes in the Philippines?

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tboli burial
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All tribes in the Philippines?

There are many groups of people in the Philippines. The indigenous  tribal groups include the Batak, Bugkalot, Igorot, Ilongots,  Kagayanen, Lumad, Mangyan, Molbog, Negrito,

What are the religious practices in the Philippines?

thr Filipinos have different kinds of values they are very hospitable to their guests and kind to other people.the filipino children are very respectful to elders especially t

What are Islamic traditional practices in burials?

Islamic burials are much simpler than traditional burials. You simply bury the person, maybe have an Imam say a few words and bless them. Everyone says under their breath "All

What is the difference between an Egyptian Burial and an Egyptian King Burial?

Pretty much, the only difference was scale. There is evidence of many, many small pyramids on graves in Egypt (Small = about 2 feet tall) The more money you had, the bigger th

What is the difference between cremation and burial?

A Burial is when the casket is lowered into the ground with the body, intact, inside. A Cremation is when the casket and the body are burned into ashes, then give to family/fr

What are the different religions practiced in the Philippines?

According to a census taken in 2000, the religions in the  Philippines are as follows: Roman Catholic 80.9%, Muslim 5%,  Evangelical 2.8%, Iglesia ni Cristo 2.3%, Aglipayan

What are the different tribes in the Philippines?

  The principal tribes of the Philippines are; Igorots, Aeta, Manobo, Mandaya, Mangan, Dabawenyo   the different tribes in the Philippines are t'boli, tagbanua.isneg

Burial and mourning practices of pre-colonial time?

Each pre-colonial culture had a different burial and mourning  practice, all of which vary widely. Some involve cremation of the  body, and others involve interrment of the

What were the Egyptians burial practices?

The ancient Egyptians were really cool, they had an elaborate set of burial customs that they believed were necessary to ensure their immortality after death. These rituals in

What tribes or cultures practiced cannibalism?

F. Ratzel in the History of Mankind, published in the late 1800s said that centres of undisguised cannibalism existed in places so far apart as New Zealand the Marquesas, the