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What are the chief industries of New York?

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The US State of New York has many important industries. Here is a summary of examples:

A. tourism B. industry & finance C. entertainment D. fishery E. dairy F.publishing G. gambling H. construction I. fashion J. energy and
K. advertising
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Does New York have any chief products?

If by "chief products" you mean food produced in New York State,  some of New York's top agricultural products include wine,  potatoes, cheese and other dairy products, stra

How do new york industries benefit others?

There are many industries in New York. Some include: Manufacturing,  publishing, financial activities, construction, farming, etc. These  industries benefit others by: Manuf

Who is the chief minister of New York?

The head of state for New York State is the Governor; currently Andrew M. Cuomo. See the link below.

What is the main industry of New York?

finance, communications, international trade, publishing, fashion, communications, farming (fruit and dairy), tourism are the main industries of new york.