What are the effect of cyclone is there any prevention?

Damage to properties and crops is the main effect of a cyclone. Flooding and storm surges can also apply. There can be some preparation, tieing down heavy objects, chopping down trees close to your house. In Australia, tropical cyclone warning systems are in place to keep residents informed on the movements of a cyclone, including the severity, were it is predicted to go and much more.
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What are the typical effects of cyclone?

Typical Effects Of Cyclone First, in a sudden, brief onslaught, high winds cause major damage to infrastructure and housing, in particular fragile constructions. They are gene (MORE)

Positive effects of cyclones?

One positive effect though, is the effect the cyclone has on community spirit and togetherness. The effects of the cyclone usually generates a sense of unity as the community (MORE)

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What are the effects of bhola cyclone?

300,000 to 500,000 dead; 47% of the population killed. $86.4  million of damage. Trees and houses ripped up and destroyed. 65% of  fisheries wiped out.
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What were the social effects of cyclone Larry?

The impact of Cyclone Larry on the people was devastating for some. People have been psychologically traumatised due to any of the following:   * The destruction of buildin (MORE)

What were the effects of Cyclone Larry?

The total effects of Larry were nearly A$1 billion in damage and one fatality. It destroyed the region's banana plantations. Consequently Australians had to pay astronomical p (MORE)
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