What are the effect of cyclone is there any prevention?

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Damage to properties and crops is the main effect of a cyclone. Flooding and storm surges can also apply. There can be some preparation, tieing down heavy objects, chopping down trees close to your house. In Australia, tropical cyclone warning systems are in place to keep residents informed on the movements of a cyclone, including the severity, were it is predicted to go and much more.
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What are the effects of cyclone?

the possible effects of cyclone are depending on its catergory but catergory one still not only effects the town but people too.

What are the effects of cyclones?

The main destructive effects of tropical cyclones include heavy rain, strong winds and large storm surges at landfall. Assuming you mean the weather formation, the effects can

How do you prevent cyclones?

You cannot prevent a cyclone. It is a natural phenomenon thatcannot be stopped. All a community can do is heed the warnings,which are usually able to be issued several days in

What effects a cyclone?

There are several things that have a negative effect on a cyclone.High pressure fronts have a tendency to weaken a cyclone. When acyclone passes over land, it weakens because

What are effects of cyclones?

A cyclone is a swirling atmospheric disturbance that rotates thesame direction as the Earth rotates. Main effects of cyclonesinclude the strong winds and heavy rain the storms

Prevention from cyclone?

we cannot, given our technological level, prevent any weather of any sort.

What are the effect of cyclones?

The main destructive effects of tropical cyclones include heavy rain, strong winds, large storm surges at landfall, and tornadoes.

Who do cyclones effect?

cyclones effect mostly people in the southern hemisphere because people in the northern hemisphere call them hurricanes

What are effects of cyclone?

Assuming you mean the weather formation, the effects can be as little as nothing (just as tornadoes may never touch down and do no damage) but they can also cause massive dest

What are the preventive measures of cyclone?

we should stay away from wall hangings and other things which are heavy and hung with a hook or a screw. in a frequent cyclone struck area we can built houses of mud and dry g

Is there any effective way to prevent war?

I think so. In order for a country to declare war it must think that it has a legitimate reason to do so and it must think there is a chance it can succeed. The best way to pr

Can you prevent a cyclone and why?

No, there is no effective way of stopping a cyclone. Humans do not have the resources to stop or prevent something so large and so powerful, whether it is a tropical, or extra

Was cyclone Pam preventable?

Weather phenomena are powerful things, and humanity is still faraway from any realistic and reliable weather control. . So no, cyclone Pam, or any other cyclone, could not be