What are the going rates for babysitting?

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Rates for babysitting The average babysitter in the United States gets $6.04 per hour. In New York City, the average babysitter gets $11.08 per hour.
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How do you get a 14-month-old baby to go to sleep at night without her putting up a massive crying fit while babysitting?

Answer . It's best to talk to the parents and find out what they do in this case. Usually baby's like to be picked up (not always a good idea) and cuddle or rocked. To save yourself some hassels and worrying pick the baby up and walk around. Put on some soft music or hum a song to the baby. If the (MORE)

How do you babysit?

Well in babysitting you will need to ask parents what they specifically like. Ask the parent what the child likes to do for fun, if he/she is allergic to anything what time the parent will be back, what the child likes to eat, the usual. But it isn't really hard to do. You musn't lose your temper wi (MORE)

What is the live in babysitting rates in California?

\nThe rate for babysitters in California currently ranges from about $10 to $25 an hour depending on the babysitter's experience and if they are good with kids or not, and sometimes even age. For example, if you hire a high school student, of course it'll be cheaper then lets say a college or post (MORE)

What is the going babysitting rate in Arkansas?

The babysitting rate in Arkansas will vary depending on the personhiring a babysitter and the amount of children. Generally, a personis paid per kid. In most cases, it is about 10 or 15 dollars perkid.

What is the going rate for babysitting in Seattle?

As a mom with two children, I would pay the following for these scenarios: Mother's Helper (ages 10-15) - responsibilities: play with one or two children with a parent in the house = $5/hr one child; $7.50/hr two children Evening Babysitter (ages 18-25) - responsibilities: give dinner to, and (MORE)

Average babysitting rates in 2008?

In 2008, the average babysitting rates averaged about $10 per hour.Those with special day care training and CPR could have madesomewhat more.

Babysitting Rates in 2008?

The average babysitting rate in 2008 was 5 dollar an hour. This wasin medium cost living areas in the US.

What is the hourly rate for babysitting per child?

Depends on where you live. Depends on the ages of the children. You can figure the minimum would be $2.00 or $3.00 an hour. Often, a babysitter doesn't charge for each child. They just charge the same price per hour if you have three kids. You have to try and set the price. Don't ask her what she (MORE)

What are the average hourly babysitting rates for 2 small children?

\ndifferent States vary, I live in California. The rate for babysitters in California currently ranges from about $10 to $25 an hour depending on the babysitter's experience and if they are good with kids or not, and sometimes even age. For example, if you hire a high school student, of course it'l (MORE)

Babysitting rates for West Texas?

It is not about the state you are in. It is about your experience and how much the child(ren) parent(s) are willing to pay... if you have a lil but not a lot of experience then 1.50 -2.00 is a good starting rate that is per hour if you are very experenced you can charge more.

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No, this is private. It's enough that I have to protect my account from hackers, but then I have to protect it from people like you, too! I have tons of exclusives and super beds in my house, and worked so hard to get my account on that level. I have many charms and things like that, a lot of webkin (MORE)

What was the babysitting rate in 2008?

It always depends. If you get a teen, chances are they just want some extra cash. 5$ an hour is usually great! With someone older, who is babysitting as a favour, mabye a little more then 5$ maybe 6.50, because they are giving up their time to help you out. As a teen and a babysitter, 5 dollar (MORE)

What is a good daily rate for babysitting?

A good daily rate would be determined by how long each day 5- hours would be about 18-23 8+-would be about 30 and an added dollar for every hour added above Add a 5$ dollar bonus to every additional child.

What not to do when your babysitting?

Anything that takes your attention away from the child or children which you are babysitting. You always want to have your eye on them, because they can get in to trouble, or get hurt, with very little opportunity. Try to as polite as possible to the parents and obey all the rules that they give a (MORE)

What is the overnight babysitting rate?

Depending on the number of kids, I charge 7.00$ an hour for infants/toddler and 5.00 for 3 yo and up. Additional children are 2.oo a head. For overnight jobs, I get the hours needed and consider the ages of kids and the duties needed to be performed during the overnight. I like to give a flat rate f (MORE)

What is the going rate for babysitting in Wy?

Some girls will take whatever you offer to pay them, but depending on the area you live in and if it's a big baby sitting business or a babysitter that's just starting out, the going rate is roughly $4-$8 an hour. I am making $3.10 an hour because I live in kind of a poor area and that's what was of (MORE)

What do you do if you have to go to the toilet while babysitting?

Depends on the ages of the children. If they are small put them in a playpen or crib for that time. If they are older have them stay within talking distance of the door and keep talking to them. If you can, go to a neighbor and have them step in for a second. Now, imagine you are a teacher and have (MORE)

What should you do when the children you babysit won't go to bed?

It all depends on how willing they are to do what you say and also if you're willing to spend a little extra time with them. Try to have a contest on who can drink the most milk before they go to brush their teeth or chase them around the house. But make sure that there is not anything fragile or br (MORE)

What is an average hourly rate for babysitting?

it is around 7 to 12 dollars or minimum wage. be sure that you are CPR and first aid certified. be sure to know if the kids have special needs like medical conditions and allergies. click the related link below for more information.

What are rates for babysitting in NE?

The rates for babysitting in Nebraska will vary according toexperience, amount of children and area. On average a babysittercharges $10 per hour for one child and an additional one to twodollars for more than one child.

Where do you go to get certified for babysitting?

You have to take a Red Cross babysitting class and you will get a certificate there. With that you can show people that you are Red Cross Certified. Good luck. Also the class is around $10 and I believe it's an hour long. For more, go to http://www.redcross.org/portal/site/en/menuitem.53fabf6cc033f1 (MORE)

Can a 17 year old babysit if parents are going overseas.?

You would need to consult a lawyer in your country to be sure of the legality of this. But look at it this way, if things go OK there will be no problem but if serious problem happens with the baby, should you be leaving him/her and going abroad? Will your 17 year old have enough experience to cope (MORE)

What are good babysitting rates for a 13 year old?

Well it depends on the client. If you are babysitting a baby, then maybe a higher rate, like 10 dollars an hour. If its a small child, like 4 or 5 years old, then the same rate. If the child is 9 or 10, the rate should be lowered to about 7 dollars. Hope I helped!

What is the going rate for babysitting in CA?

When you start of babysitting it is important that you do not sound pushy. this may put them of if they feel the rate is too high. In my opinion it is up to the parents of the child/ren you are looking after. Once people get to know you, they may start paying you more. It also depends on how many ch (MORE)

What are babysitting weekend rates?

They are the same as throughout the week. I live in England and I am nearly 14 (in a few weeks), and I get £4-£5 an hour. Some people give more if they have more children. My next door neighbours have 1 daughter and when I babysat her recently, I got £4 a hour and got £16. Hope this has (MORE)

How much is a good rate of pay for a teenager to babysit a child?

A good pay rate for a teenager to babysit depends on how many children are being taken care of, where in the country they are (baby-sitters in large cities get paid more than someone in a rural area) and how long they have been baby-sitting. The national average is about 10-15 dollars an hour, with (MORE)

What are 6 things you should find out before going on a babysitting job?

Well, the first one is to know who you're babysitting. You should also know that most kids won't listen to you, believe me, I know. Third, if you want more money, go for the people who will be out longer. Then, You'll want to get on the kid's good side, then the kid will request you, and you'll make (MORE)