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What are the law of Indiana for back child support?

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This is govern by federal law, which states there's no statute of limits on collections. The only variation is on interest penalties, which can be substantial.

However, on retroactive awards, 18 years retroactive, as Indiana laws allows back to the birth of the child. Ind. Code § 31-6-6.1-13(g) see links
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If the father of a child gets married and owes back child support can the spouse be obligated to pay his back child support in Indiana?

Answer . As long as his child is a minor then yes, he will have to pay back child support. Take him to court! Remarried or not if the courts deemed him to pay child support

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When does Child Support cease in Indiana?

Child support terminates when the child becomes 21 years old, unless any of the following conditions occur:   (1) The child is emancipated before becoming 21.   (2) Th

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The court may award legal custody of a child jointly if the court finds that an award of joint legal custody would be in the best interest of the child. The court shall determ
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In indiana can a judge go 14 years back on child support?

In Indiana, an award may be retroactive to the date of the child's birth if the parents were never married. If they were, retroactive child support may be awarded from the tim