What are the letters assigned for each finger in keyboarding?

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Left hand little finger: "a" from this you lpace all your fingers on "a s d f g" on your left hand. On your right hand your pointing figer is placed on "j" and then follow "J K L ;" WIth both your thumbs on the spacebar :)
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Proper placement of fingers on the keyboard?

The proper placement of fingers on a computer keyboard are as followed; Your right index finger should rest lightly on the J key- it's usually accompanied by some sort of t

What is the proper finger key assignments on computer keyboard?

The proper key assignments on a computer keyboard start in what iscalled the home row. On the left hand, the index finger should beon the F key, the middle finger on the D, th

What letters are assigned in each fingers when typing?

On the left hand the baby finger is assigned to the A then the ring finger is to S then middle to D and forefinger to F and also to the G. Then on your right hand the baby fin

How do you make the middle finger on keyboard?

Raging:╭∩╮(0-0)╭∩╮ Happy:╭∩╮( -_- )╭∩╮ Embarrassing:╭∩╮ ( Y ) ╭∩╮ WTF:╭∩â
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How do you position fingers on a keyboard?

on your keyboard there should be two small bumps on the "F" and "J" buttons. put your index fingers there. put your middle fingers on the "D" and "K" buttons. ring fingers on