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What are the meanings of the dashboard symbols and warning lights on a vw caddy?

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There are many different lights and indicators on the dashboard. For example, one will indicate the level of washer fluid in the windshield wipers, one will light up when the car is low on gasoline, one will illuminate when the engine needs servicing. This is just a sampling of the many indicators on the dashboard. Check the owner's manual of the car for more information.
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What does this warning light on the dashboard mean?

Answer . Well, it could be alot of things. Oil may need to be changed, or pressure adjusted. A spark plug may need to be changed or the engine may be overheating. My advice

What does the dashboard warning light with a shoe in a circle mean on a VW Jetta?

That's the ASL (automatic shift lock) indicator light. . "Your VW is equipped with an automatic shift lock (ASL). The ASL is an electromechanical device that locks the selec

VW Jetta Dashboard warning light car with bolt on side what does this mean?

According to my 2004 Jetta owner's manual, that's the fuel filler cap indicator: . " A warning light in the instrument cluster will come on if the fuel filler cap is not prop

What are the meanings of the dashboard symbols and warning lights on a Taurus - Sable?

Answer If it is a circle with a exclamation mark in it and what looks like a brake shoe on either side that is your brake fail indicator ,either your park brake is partially o

Dashboard warning lights and their meaning?

1. Seat Belt Reminder Light - this symbol appears and remains active as long as the engine is started and the seat belt remains unfastened. (Always remember to BUCKLE UP!)

What does a VW Jetta dashboard warning light sun with an exclamation mark inside of it mean?

Brake Fluid That happened to me and it would beep and flash for a little then go away...but after a couple days, it stayed on and turns out it was the brake fluid. It got re

What are the meanings of the dashboard symbols and warning lights on a Ford Falcon?

Read your owners manual if you have one. Red light is normally a warning of low oil pressure. SRS is an indication something is wrong with the air bag system. Check Engine Lig