What are the names of the Big Time Rush guys?

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Kendall,James,Carlos,and Logan.
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What are Big Time Rush names?

Carlos Pena (plays Carlos Garcia in the TV program) ,James Maslow (plays James Diamond), Logan Henderson (plays Logan Mitchell), Kendall Schmidt (plays Kendall Knight and is S

Where did the Big Time Rush get their name from?

Well all the boys from the band had to think of a name. They were going to have their name One 4 All but then they thought about the name Go Big Time and they loved the big ti
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Where are the guys of Big Time Rush from?

In real life Carlos is from Columbia, Missouri but grew up in Weston, Florida Logan is from North Richland Hills, Texas James was born in New York City, NY but grew up in L
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What Big Time Rush names?

The names of the boys from big time rush are Kendall, Carlos,James, and Logan