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vegitable oil
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Best diet for acid reflux?

No salt diet! What doctors constantly ignore is, without chloride, stomach acid (HCl) canNOT be produced. Stop feeding your body salt and you will reduce acid production withi

Can baking soda be used to treat acid reflux?

  That was the "household cure" for heartburn, or acid reflux, before more specific remedies were created. It's an okay emergency measure, but not a good one to use regula

How do you get acid reflux?

How do you get Acid Reflux (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD) Acid reflux occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter (muscular valve) doesn't properly close allowing a

Acid reflux diet?

apple cider vinegar two tea spoons in a glass of water, add baking soda one tea spoon and sip the water slowly over a hour and do this twice daily.

Will dieting help with Acid Reflux?

That depends upon the cause. If you have a hiatal hernia causing reflux, then anything that decreases intra-abdominal pressure can improve the reflux. So, if you are obese and

What can you do about acid reflux?

Well first of all you DO NOT want it. You can be born with it or get it by over stuffing your self. I am a sufferer. I take 2 tums before i eat and 2 after i eat. Sometimes th

What can be used for acid reflux relief?

There is a large assortment of medicines that can help you but because you can find all that out at a pharmacy I will tell you the natural helpers. Try sitting upright after e

What are some useful treatments for acid reflux?

Occasional bouts of acid reflux is best treated by simple commercial antacids. Mild cases can be treated with home remedies such as milk or baking soda.  Repeated instances
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What are the benefits of an acid reflux disease diet?

Acid reflux disease is a medical condition that causes chronic heartburn and regurgitation. It can be treated with dietary changes such as eating smaller meals and meals with