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What are the pros and cons of circuses?

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PROS Circus animals teach people about what animals are capable of. You learn that they are intelligent and have individual personalities. These animals are given shelter, food and veterinary care for their service.
I take exception to the idea that all these animals are abused. That is a word that is used too freely by animal rights activists whose ultimate goal is to end the relationship between humans and animals. They have started by picking on circuses which are an easy target because there are only a few of them and most people know little about how they operate. If they succeed in removing animal acts from circuses, they will continue to pick off larger targets like rodeos, carriage horses, racing, breeders, etc that they've already made inroads against. Their goal is to over regulate and make animal ownership so politically incorrect, expensive and difficult, that people will just quit owning any animal - dogs included.
Do you want to live in a world where someone else can tell you that you aren't qualified enough to be permitted a license to keep a pet? CONS The circus is another arena in which human beings abuse other animals. Animals are trained to perform tricks using whips, electronic goads, sticks, food-deprivation etc. Wild animals such as lions, tigers, and elephants are kept in shamefully inadequate conditions in tiny spaces. The necessity of regular transportation means that the circus can never provide an appropriate home for wild animals. These animals are forced to travel thousands of miles in cramped and squalid conditions and frequently end up physically and mentally ill. And what for? Purely for the entertainment of we arrogant exploitative humans. What sort of lesson does it teach our children about non-human animals to take them to the circus and see these great creatures demeaned and controlled by force to perform silly tricks? Hope this helps!! -Andrew
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