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To begin with, the curfew creates a huge problem for kids who have to stay out late for a school related activity or something of that nature. They are then forced to drive home and hope that a cop will believe their story. If not, they are forced to pay a ticket for breaking the law. So by this law, teens feel like criminals even though they did not choose to be out so late. I myself, have returned home after curfew for countless school related dances, sporting events, etc. This in itself is not right, and needs to be changed soon. A student would never consider quitting a sport or activity just because they could get a ticket on their way home, Dropping these school related events is not a choice, so a new alternative needs to be put into place.

Another reason why the curfew is flawed is the reason it was established in the first place, to prevent crime. But this law has done little, if not nothing, to decrease the amount of crime. The amount of crimes throughout the city has remained at a relatively constant rate since the curfew was put into effect. This is in part because of the thinking process associated with teenagers. Just because they aren't allowed to be out as late is not going to stop them from participating in illegal activities. They choose to either do it earlier and get home on time, or simply stay out past the curfew and risk getting caught (which is a possibility even if the curfew is not in effect). Also, the majority of crimes committed throughout the city happens to be by adults. The crimes committed by adults also happens to be more serious or dangerous since they have access to more resources and supplies. Apparently the city should be focusing on preventing crime from happening in the first place instead of trying to get kids home earlier.

Next, a curfew gives teens yet another reason to dislike the authorities. Most teens hate the police force anyway, so why should we be given another reason. With this hate, teens are less likely to report a crime or give helpful information which in turn makes the community more dangerous. Teenagers would also most likely begin to have more respect for the law, and understand why it was put into effect in the first place.

I think if kids were told to be in earlier, then it would only tempt them to sneak out at all times of the night, which in turn would cause many more problems than the one at hand.

Pros to Curfews
This question asked about the pros and cons. So far, all the responses have been cons, and there are actually some positive aspects of curfews.

For one, curfew hours are usually reasonable and law enforcement usually are also reasonable. They realize that kids are sometimes out after curfew because of jobs or school activities, and they allow for that.

A lot was posted here that teenagers have after school and evening activities. Curfews are designed to make sure a parent is with a teenager if after a certain time. There is no harm in fostering parents' responsibilities to supervise their child's activities and whereabouts.

Another pro is that kids who are out late at night are more likely to victims of the crimes by adults which was pointed out previously. In that respect, curfews actually protect the safety of kids and teens.

Curfews are also intended to support time needed for homework and sleep. In today's world, kids get tons of homework and often complain they can't complete it all. But if home, they could spend more time studying and go to bed earlier. Being well rested helps kids complete the school day and go to part time jobs. Being rested reduces accidents on the job or in vehicles.

Probably one reason teenagers don't consider about curfews is, no one can make you an easy target to blame when crime does occur! If you are at home, you won't be a suspect.

Besides, there are plenty of hours for socializing during the afternoon or early evening. Give yourself 10 years and you'll be grateful to be home in the evening.
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