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What are the required elements for a simple HTML document?

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Here is a simple HTML website:

<title>My first website<title>
<body bgcolor=0033FF>
<font color=00CCFF>
<h1>My website</h1>

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What is the first tag in every HTML document?

Most HTML documents start with a tag which is not a tag ( is a declaration telling the browser what kind of code to expect.) The first tag is the HTML tag. The HTML tag enc

How do you print an HTML document?

Click on the File menu after opening the html document in the browser. Then click on Print Preview. After adjusting margins, click on Print to print the document

What is the basic structure of an HTML document?

The basic structure of HTML includes tags, attributes and elements. According to the W3C, all X/HTML documents must contain: A doctype declaration, to tell the browser what v

What are the main elements of HTML documents?

The main elements of an HTML document are the HTML element, the HEAD element, and the BODY element. To pass the W3C specifications, you also need to have the TITLE element.

What is the role of comments in an HTML document?

Comments in an HTML document serve the same purpose as comments in any programming language. They're used to help the coder delineate between sections of the code, for whateve

How do you create links in html documents?

I am going to explain how to create two forms of link because these are the two I commonly use. This form of link is if you wanted to have a link to a site already online. LI

What is the structure of an HTML document?

A HTML file has the below structure Title of the Web page Header of the Web page Body of the Web Page The file has a .HTML extension and can be

Example of a HTML documents?

  A HTML document is just a website. If you mean a code however, here is one random one. Basic too. Code: Webste title that appears like Random - "internet bro

What is HTML document?

An HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) document is basically a web page. It can be opened in either a text editor or a web browser. In a text editor, the HTML code can be edited

What is a simple code that provides details about HTML elements?

An HTML element is everything from the start tag to the end tag.     An HTML element starts with a start tag / opening tag  An HTML element ends with an end tag / cl

How do you make HTML documents?

You could use 'Notepad' if you wished. Try it! Open up notepad > Copy over this code in a blank document (i'll comment the basics so you know whats going in there)

How do you attach your resume as a HTML document?

The first step is to turn your current resume into an HTML document. Most modern word-processing software will let you do this using the "Save as..." dialog. You can also run

Why is linking required in HTML?

Linking is not required in HTML. Linking allows you to connectto different locations. If you do not want any external links you can stillcreate a Web page. However, notinclud