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What are the rubber wristbands called?

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they are called sillyband and/or crazy bands. which ever one you would like.
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Why do emo people wear wristbands?

They wear them so people wont see their scars from cutting themselves. Also we wear things that help to show that we are not going to listen to the preps and their beliefs bec

What do black wristbands mean?

Who ever breaks it has to have aex with the person who breaks it

Why is the third game called the rubber match?

  The term drives from contract bridge (the card game). There are two forms of bridge commonly played -- "duplicate", which is used in tournaments, and "rubber". A Rubber

What do white wristbands mean?

they are to promote awarness for bone cancer, World Peace and victims of terrorism

How do you identify a patient without a wristband?

  If the patient is conscious, I would ask for name and birthdate (to ensure that the patient is not a family member with the same name), or even better, a photo ID. If th

Why is a Davis Cup match called a 'rubber'?

According to Bill Kellogg - a committee member on the USA DAVIS  CUP- the International Tennis Federation came up with another term  to distinguish between a "match between

What does a wristband tattoo symbolize?

Wristband Tattoos   Alot of times it is to cover up an old scar, but I find it very elegant and sexy on a woman, and on a man very sophisticated.     I don't know