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What is a video card and what does it do?

 Answer   A video card is an internal component that connects your motherboard to your monitor. It is usually plugged into your motherboard, and has a connector at the

What is a video card?

Answer . A video card is a circuit board with connections for a monitor on it. It gets inserted into one of the expansion slots in the computer motherboard. When it is inse

What is a video card and what are the functions of a video card?

  you connect your crt display or monitor to the video card on your computer       A video card is a computer chip you usually insert into your computer via a AGP

What does the video card do?

The simple answer is: it renders graphics on your computer from window animations to video games. Complex answer: Your computer already has these capabilities without a de

What does a Video cards do?

take the workload of processing "video" away from the main processor so it doesnt slow it up - the video card is a separate computer with its own processor, memory and often c

What are video cards for?

Video cards (also called Graphics cards) are used to display images from the computer to a monitor.Without a video card you would have no way of connecting a monitor to a comp

If I have an Ati radeon x1250 video card specifications on a game I purchased are 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 do I need a new card?

You Can run the game. It depends on what memory and processor you have (im assuming its an amd). The x1250 is an onboard graphics chip. It supports pixel shader 2.0 but may no

How to switch from integrated video card to a discrete video card?

If you have a dedicated graphics card slot on your motherboard (the  circuit board as other peeps call it) you can insert your discrete  video card in (there are many videos