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How do i get a video card?

buy it in the computer store newegg.com to buy gpureview.com to compare

Can you replace a dell video card with a hp video card?

Dell and HP do not manufacture Video cards, they simple use cards made by other companies. IF you mean put a video card from an HP computer into a dell one, then yes, you may

Where do you get a video card?

Video cards are usually available anyplace you can buy a computeror computer equipment including computer stores, electronic stores,or department stores that sell computers. Y

If I have an Ati radeon x1250 video card specifications on a game I purchased are 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 do I need a new card?

You Can run the game. It depends on what memory and processor you have (im assuming its an amd). The x1250 is an onboard graphics chip. It supports pixel shader 2.0 but may no

How to switch from integrated video card to a discrete video card?

If you have a dedicated graphics card slot on your motherboard (thecircuit board as other peeps call it) you can insert your discretevideo card in (there are many videos on ho