What are the specs for 2000 Grand Caravan coolant?

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it uses a special type with hoat in it ,if you use anything else in it ,it may cause problems ,go to any auto zone and they got this stuff setting on the shelf's,its best to use what they call for in them,good luck.
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How do I check my coolant 2000 grand am?

There is a "jug" or refill bottle on the passenger side of the engine compartment. It doesn't need to be completely full. Just make sure there is some in it.

Why is the coolant boiling in your 98 dodge grand caravan?

If it's boiling..then it has a stuck thermostat and needs to be replaced. I would would replace it with a new one. Also.. Change the Coolant temperature sending switch (brass

Where is the coolant drain plug for 2001 dodge grand caravan?

The radiator drain plug is located at bottom driver's side of the radiator. It has a black plastic flat handle about 1/2 inch across and a rubber tubing projects from it (to a