What are the three types of churches of Christianity?

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There are estimated to be around 30,000 denominations of Christianity. The three main denominations are Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism.
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What are the different types of Christian churches?

Largest denominations in the world Catholicism - 1.2 billion . Roman Catholic Church - 1,147 million [1] . Roman Catholic Church (Latin Rite) - 1,125.5 million . Eas

Which of the three branches of Christianity broke away from the Catholic church in the 1500's?

Answer . Protestantism has its origins when Pope Leo X (1513-21) excommunicated a troublesome priest called Martin Luther. Luther's initial aim had been simply to reform th

What are the names of the three types of oils used by the Catholic Church?

The oils are actually: SC = Sacrum Chrisma = Sacred Chrism OC = Oleum Catechumenorum = Oil of the Catechumens OI = Oleum Infirmorum = Oil of the Infirm/Sick The onl

In what type of building was the earliest known Christian church located?

Archaeologists believe they have found the world's oldest church, dating from shortly after Christ's crucifixion. The church is inside a cave containing several stone seats wh

What are three types of corruption in the Catholic Church?

Three types of corruption in the Catholic Church are:. Selling indulgences to free the soul from purgatory. . Priests didn't know the basic church teachings. . Pope neglect

What type of church should every Christian church be?

Rv:12:17: And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of GOD , and have the testimony of Jesus Ch

What is the name of the first type of building used in christian churches?

Believe it or not but the first Christian Church is called, simply 'a house'! In Acts we hear of the first Christian churches set up throughouit what is now modern day Turkey,

Different types of Christian churches?

This is not actually a question. However there are so many that it is impossible to count. There are many groups of people who call themselves a church. A true church in the b

What types of officials developed in the early Christian church?

A: The Bible tells us that the earliest Christian officials were theapostles, and that deacons soon followed. Non-canonical writingsare evidence that wandering preachers were