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A vivid verb is a verb that is really descriptive. A vivid verb would be so descriptive that when it is used in a story that the reader can actually visualize it in their mind.
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How many vivid verbs are there?

Vivid verbs are used to make sentences more dramatic and impactful,rather than just detail an action, like a regular verb would do.There are literally hundreds of vivid verbs.

What is a vivid verb for had?

A vivid verb for the word had is possessed. Vivid verbs are verbsthat are very descriptive and specific.

What are vivid verbs for a big farm?

\nproducing, generating, harvesting, marketing, seeding\n. \nUsually vividness is dramatically expressed by adverbs vividly describing the verbs. For example, rapidly harves

What does a vivid verb mean?

"say" is not a vivid verb. it's too general. instead, "shout" "scream" "bellow" "cry" etc... contains more additional http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_a_vivid_verb&vpass=

Is angry a vivid verb?

"Angry" is an adjective. There are degrees of angry that are more vivid: Rabid, Incensed, Hateful, and Vengeful are some examples.

What is a vivid verb for leaving?

Bolt, scram, vapor, book, buzz, zoom, light-out, fly, run, exit-stage-right, take a powder, head out on the lam, make a run for it, trade space, get gone, go catch a fly, groo
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What are vivid verbs for speak scornfully?

We had this question as part of an English homework tonight and sofar I have: denounce (publicly declare to be wrong or evil) deride (to ridicule) condemn (express complete d
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Is vivid a verb?

No, it is an adjective. It can mean clear, distinct, or bright.