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What bands use a 7 string guitar?

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In 2008 you released Long Story Short, a documentary about your parents. Can you tell us about the story?

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What is the tuning for a 7 string guitar?

Standard Rock tuning for a 7 string guitar is: BEADGBE This tuning allows for very simple power chords to be played at the lower register. The Original and Standard Jazz tuni (MORE)

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How do you use a guitar string winder?

A string winder consists of a rectangular socket attached to a handle on a swivel. Once you attach the string properly, the socket goes over the nut that winds the string bein (MORE)

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Which guitar uses nylon strings?

Classical guitars commonly use nylon strings, although sometimes other synthetic materials are used. Normal acoustic guitars are built to handle the higher tension of steel st (MORE)

What is a Parlor Guitar?

The parlor guitar is currently enjoying a popular resurgence. But what, exactly, is a parlor guitar and is it a possible guitar for you? (MORE)

Tuning Your Guitar Without a Tuner

You always want your guitar to be in tune when you play it. Sometimes, though, it can go out of tune during a song and there's also always a chance you may not have a tuner at (MORE)

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What guitar strings does Buckethead use?

Buckethead uses .009 D'Addario Skinny top/Regular Bottoms He also uses Ernie Balls, different gauges. Likes 10-52s.
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Does it matter what guitar strings you use?

yeah more than people would think. I'll break it down into laymen terms. ok strings are like shoe sizes, size 8 or 9 is very small and size 13 is very big, they all look sim (MORE)

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What is a good 7 string guitar?

Ibanez makes some decent 7 strings for not too much money, like the Ibanez RGA7 and S7420 for less than $700 (u.s.) but Ibanez pick ups are rather weak and muddy. For roughly (MORE)