What bands use a 7 string guitar?

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What is the tuning for a 7 string guitar?

Standard Rock tuning for a 7 string guitar is: BEADGBE This tuning allows for very simple power chords to be played at the lower register. The Original and Standard Jazz tuni (MORE)

How do you use a guitar string winder?

A string winder consists of a rectangular socket attached to a handle on a swivel. Once you attach the string properly, the socket goes over the nut that winds the string bein (MORE)

What guitar strings does Buckethead use?

Buckethead uses .009 D'Addario Skinny top/Regular Bottoms He also uses Ernie Balls, different gauges. Likes 10-52s.
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How to String an Acoustic Guitar

If you play an acoustic guitar, sooner or later you need to replace your strings. Damage in transit, playing too hard, over-tuning and plain old wear and tear are just some of (MORE)

What Is the First String on a Guitar?

If you're trying to teach yourself to play guitar, don't let the instrument-specific terminology confuse you. A chief example of this is the way the strings of the guitar are (MORE)
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Guitar 101: The Names of All Guitar Strings

When learning to play the guitar, knowing the names of the guitar strings is critical. Most guitars have six strings to correspond to the notes on the scales. To find the guit (MORE)
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What are the Strings on the Acoustic Guitar Called in Order?

It is important for you to learn the names of each string on the acoustic guitar, in order, before you start getting more comfortable with learning how to play the guitar. Alt (MORE)

Beginner's Guide to Guitar: Understanding Guitar String Order

Guitar string order on nearly all guitars follows the same set of rules. The near-universal set-up allows for relatively simple chord structure and lead guitar patterns in mos (MORE)

Picking the Right Guitar Strings for You

Buying guitar strings can be quite the simple process. Of course, if you are planning on spending lots of time on your guitar, you may wish to consider all your items. Guitar (MORE)
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Which guitar uses nylon strings?

Classical guitars commonly use nylon strings, although sometimes other synthetic materials are used. Normal acoustic guitars are built to handle the higher tension of steel st (MORE)

Does it matter what guitar strings you use?

yeah more than people would think. I'll break it down into laymen terms. ok strings are like shoe sizes, size 8 or 9 is very small and size 13 is very big, they all look sim (MORE)

What is a good 7 string guitar?

Ibanez makes some decent 7 strings for not too much money, like the Ibanez RGA7 and S7420 for less than $700 (u.s.) but Ibanez pick ups are rather weak and muddy. For roughly (MORE)