What bands use a 7 string guitar?

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Nevermores Jeff Loomis
Dream Theaters John Petrucci
Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit used a 7 string for most of his early career with the band.
Korns Munky
Soulflys guitarist has a signature Stealth (BC Rich)
Triumphant Return
Slayers Kerry king
Rusty Cooley uses 7 string guitars
Steve Vai
Fear Factorys guitarist does
Cannibal Corpse
Kritic Kill
Muse used a 7 string for their song Citizen Erased
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What is a 7 string guitar?

a normal guitar but its neck is a bit wider and theres only small differences, I like it more because you can do more on it. Watch the pattern BEADGBE notice how theres two Bs

What is the tuning for a 7 string guitar?

Standard Rock tuning for a 7 string guitar is: BEADGBE This tuning allows for very simple power chords to be played at the lower register. The Original and Standard Jazz tuni

Does it matter what guitar strings you use?

yeah more than people would think. I'll break it down into laymen terms. ok strings are like shoe sizes, size 8 or 9 is very small and size 13 is very big, they all look si

What guitar strings does slash use?

ernie ball power slinky an 11-49 set, their in a purple pack their impossible to miss. any 11-49 or 11-50 set will do the trick though as there's more to his sound than a m

What is a good 7 string guitar?

Ibanez makes some decent 7 strings for not too much money, like the Ibanez RGA7 and S7420 for less than $700 (u.s.) but Ibanez pick ups are rather weak and muddy. For roughly

What Are Some 7 String Guitar Songs?

Dream Theater - Glass Prison, Dance Of Eternity Joe Satriani - Mind Storm, Seven String . Meshuggah - Future Breed Machine . Nocturnal Rites - AfterLife . Emperor - Prom
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Which guitar uses nylon strings?

Classical guitars commonly use nylon strings, although sometimes other synthetic materials are used. Normal acoustic guitars are built to handle the higher tension of steel st
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Why does the guitar use six strings?

It is part of the equation to achieve every single note in the music spectrum. 6 Strings and the correct number of frets allows you to hit all notes. Sorry, I don't remember t
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Where can someone purchase 7 string guitars?

One can purchase 7 string guitars when one goes to shops that sell musical instruments. An example of these shops is Musician's Friend. One can also purchase online at websi
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Where can someone purchase a 7 string guitar?

7 string guitars are sold by Guitar Center, Sweetwater, Musicians Friend, Sam Ash, Austin Bazaar, PlayMusic123, Gearhounds Guitars, Music123 and Music Gear.