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What guitar strings does Buckethead use?

Buckethead uses .009 D'Addario Skinny top/Regular Bottoms He also uses Ernie Balls, different gauges. Likes 10-52s.

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Tips for Buying a Guitar

Learning guitar is one of the most rewarding experiences a musician has. However, shopping for the right guitar takes time and a bit of research before a decision to purchase … (MORE)

What is a good 7 string guitar?

Ibanez makes some decent 7 strings for not too much money, like the Ibanez RGA7 and S7420 for less than $700 (u.s.) but Ibanez pick ups are rather weak and muddy. For roughly … (MORE)

What Are Some 7 String Guitar Songs?

Dream Theater - Glass Prison, Dance Of EternityJoe Satriani - Mind Storm, Seven StringMeshuggah - Future Breed MachineNocturnal Rites - AfterLifeEmperor - Prometheus

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Which guitar uses nylon strings?

Classical guitars commonly use nylon strings, although sometimes other synthetic materials are used. Normal acoustic guitars are built to handle the higher tension of steel st… (MORE)