What caliber is the M16 rifle and is it accurate?

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The M16 is an assault rifle that is a .223 caliber / 5.56 mm.
like any weapon it is only as accurate as its shooter,
It can be very accurate.
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What is the most accurate 22 caliber rifle?

for hunting it would be a ruger and for target it wold be somthing that comforatably fit you and was costumized with weight and all of that other stuff dont forget to buy a gu

How do you load the M16 rifle?

Starting with the bolt locked open 1. Insert full magazine 2. Press bolt release 3. Slap the forward assist Starting with the bolt closed 1. Insert full magazine

How many calibers is in a m16 rifle?

The M16 rilfe used by the US military is caliber 5.56mm x 45mm. This is SIMILAR to, but not exactly the same as the .223 cartridge. The civilian variations of the AR-15 style

What is the life expectancy of m16 rifle?

It is not measured in years, but in terms of rounds fired. Parts of the rifle are measured, and replaced as they wear out. A barrel, when properly cared for, may have a life c

What caliber rifle is most accurate?

There is really no Most accurate rifle cartridge but more like Your most accurate rifle cartridge and rifle. What I mean by that is if you are in a match competition you have
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Is an m16 a 45 caliber weapon?

Noop. an M16 fires a 5.56mm (or .223 caliber) bullet. A .45 caliber shoots a bullet that is ~11.43mm.