What can I do to fix a hard sense of a robot?

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The thing you need to do is try your best on fixing them
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How can robots sense?

No offense, but this is a obvious, No, But if you add impairedSensors on them and program it, it can be able sense and obey yourcommands/Program on them. Hope This Helps :)

How do you fix the robot on steamworks island?

Sprocket the little helper robot will turn on if you ring the bell. The Mech Walker needs two parts to make it work, and both require you to enter the Production Zone to th

Is Spykee Spy Robot hard to build?

its quiet hard to build........But if u have experience in building other spy robots u may find some easy.........But the connecting wi-fi to it is hardest part in building...

How do you fix the clock in robot island?

On poptropica, Steamworks Island, there is a broken clock when you first get on the island. You first click on the clock. Then, you put the gears into the right places. When i

How do you fix road sensing suspension?

I have not drvein the 458 Italia but I have drvein its predecessor, the 430 Scuderia which I thought at the time (2 years ago) was the best car I had ever drvein by a rather w