What can I do to fix a hard sense of a robot?

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The thing you need to do is try your best on fixing them
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Is it hard to fix a snapped throttle cable?

There is some variance in connections car to car, but they all do the same thing. At the carb. or throttle plate on the motor, the cable goes over a half round guide and the end slides into a round slot. Rotate the guide to full throttle and slide the end out of the slot. The cable goes through the (MORE)

If your 85 LeSabre is really hard to steer what should you do to fix it?

It depends on how you define hard to steer. If you mean it requires excessive effort, I would look for a seized, broken or otherwise malfunctioning power steering pump. In the 85, it is just underneath the alternator. If by hard to steer you mean hard to keep control, you almost definitely have a su (MORE)

How hard is it to fix the fuel gauge on a 1988 Ford Ranger?


How do you fix a patio door that is hard to slide?

Make sure the door is not broken. The rollers that support the door may be broken or bent, making it hard to move. . Make sure the door is properly on the track. Getting one or more of the rollers off track can add some nasty binding to the movement. . Make sure the track is clean. Grit and dirt c (MORE)

What is a robot?

A robot is a virtual or mechanical artificial agent. In practice, it is usually an electromechanical machine which is guided by computer or electronic programming, and is thus able to do tasks on its own. Another common characteristic is that by its appearance or movements, a robot often conveys a s (MORE)

How to do robots?

If you wanna get really technical, when I was doing robots incollege, we used vex. You probably need to look up "Vex ErectorKits" on eBay or something like that. It's hard when you begin, butits a fun hobby that's rapidly changing. I work with a school thatworks with Lego league robots. Hope this he (MORE)

How do you do the robot?

What you want to do with that is sink in your shoulders. Take your shoulders and drive them down towards the ground. You'll start to feel a little tightening in your lats, in your muscles on the side, your obliques, that sort of area, keep doing that, that's the first part of doing the robot. The se (MORE)

What do robots do?

It depends on what type of robot is being referred to. There aresome that are simple and some that are very complex. Robots aredesigned to do tasks that people may or not be able to do forthemselves. They are used to build cars, dismantle bombs, packboxes, answer phones, mow yards, explore deep sea (MORE)

How do you fix laptop hard drives?

If it isn't a data corruption problem, your only option is to replace the drive. There ARE companies that can extract data from a failed hard drive, but if the data isn't worth the large pricetag, most people won't do it. That's why backups are so necessary. If it IS a data corruption problem you (MORE)

How do you fix bad clusters on your hard drive?

When checkdisk detects a bad cluster on your hard drive, it automatically flags the cluster as unusable and your file system will no longer put data there. This is as close as you can get to actually fixing the bad clusters. Bad clusters are caused by physical damage or defects on the disk itself (MORE)

What robots can do?

What a robot can do depends on the individual robot. At the momentmany are motion censored or voice activated, though none are reallyhuman like yet.

What can a robot do?

A robot can do whatever you make him to do. That is the purpose of competitions like LEGO First and Lawrence Tech's RoboFest (www.robofest.org). These competitions allow students to discovery the many capabilities of computer controlled mechanial mechanisms. The possibilities are limitless, the visi (MORE)

How can you fix an external hard drive?

"Fixing" something requires knowledge of what is wrong with it. Since there is more than one way for something to break, there is more than one way of fixing something. Without further information about your problem, it is impossible to help you.

How do you be a robot?

Unless you are talking about a video game (which is a different question), it's not likely. One important part of the definition of a robot is "artificial". If there are natural biologic components (like a brain), that gets into cybernetics, which is also a different question. The Dance: What you w (MORE)

What is robot do?

Almost anything. One definition of robot is "artificial agent" (a better definition is in the link below). Artificial just means someone made it, agent means it does something for someone (my favorite robot is the dishwasher - someone built it to wash dishes for me). Many people assume "agency" incl (MORE)

Is it hard to fix a head gasket?

Head gaskets are not "fixable", they need to be replaced. The difficulty level depends on how mechanically inclined you are. Go to your local library and check out a repair manual (Hayne's or Chilton's) for your vehicle. You will find detailed instructions on head gasket replacement and you can deci (MORE)

How do you fix a hard drive crash?

You cant really fix a "hard drive crash". In the data recovery business that term is used to describe a particular problem when the mechanism inside the hard drive "crashes" or scratches the surface of the platters/disks where the data is stored. There are other types of problems that can be correct (MORE)

Why do you have robot?

We have robots because it helps people get the job done in a faster way and could held old people by taking care of them.

How do you fix a faucet that is hard to turn?

The nut on the top, under the knob, could be too tight. Slightlyloosening it may help as long as it does not create a leak. If thisdoes not help then the faucet may need to be rebuilt or replaced.

In the computer game the legend of crystal valley how do you fix the robot?

Did you pick up the arm and leg? Did you find all 3 pieces for the robot's sketch? There is one in the library the operating room and the machine room. After finding those go to the room on the left. ( it has a huge machine) Put the paper together and put it in the slot on the right. Next you put ei (MORE)

How do you fix a disappearing room problem on a hard drive on vista?

It is not a "problem." It is perfectly normal for the amount of free space to decrease as more files are added to the system. Windows Vista's System Restore feature takes periodic snapshots in order to facilitate restoring to a previous state. This process will use an increasing amount of space, tho (MORE)

How can robots sense?

No offense, but this is a obvious, No, But if you add impairedSensors on them and program it, it can be able sense and obey yourcommands/Program on them. Hope This Helps :)

How do you fix the robot on steamworks island?

Sprocket the little helper robot will turn on if you ring the bell. The Mech Walker needs two parts to make it work, and both require you to enter the Production Zone to the right of the island, across the bridge. The Mech motor is there on a conveyor belt in the Greenhouse, and the Mech crank is (MORE)

How do you fix the robot on steam works island poptropicacom?

you have to drag the gears that are on the right and put them in the holes that are on the robot, you have to put them in a certain order. The order is: Big red one, little blue, little blue, little blue, then a red one.( I think. It won't let me check again)

How do you fix a SMART Hard Disk Error?

SMART on drive means Self-Monitoring And Reporting Technology.SMART is really an essential to your hard drive. It is themonitoring system for Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives(SSD). They are used to detect and report indicators of reliabilityin the hope of anticipating failures. When SM (MORE)

Is Spykee Spy Robot hard to build?

its quiet hard to build........But if u have experience in building other spy robots u may find some easy.........But the connecting wi-fi to it is hardest part in building...........

Why is hard disk a fixed disk?

Floppy drives and CD/DVD roms are examples of removable disks because the storage medium is removed from the drive. A hard drive has a set of magnetic platters that you do not remove, making it a fixed disk.

What can a robot do for you?

A robotic device can do whatever it's designed to do. There are robotic devices that are designed to paint vehicles in an automobile manufacturing facility, and those robotic devices simply paint vehicles. There are robotic devices that are used to cut metal shapes and others that are designed to (MORE)

How do you fix the clock in robot island?

On poptropica, Steamworks Island, there is a broken clock when you first get on the island. You first click on the clock. Then, you put the gears into the right places. When it is in the correct order, the clock will work. You will also get a multi-tool.

How do you fix PS3 hard drive?

You can not make any physical repairs to the hard drive. If it is the problem then it must be replaced. Do you know for sure the hard drive is bad? Have you tried these troubleshooting steps to make sure the hard drive is bad? Try restoring the file system. I will attempt to repair damage files on (MORE)

How do you fix road sensing suspension?

I have not drvein the 458 Italia but I have drvein its predecessor, the 430 Scuderia which I thought at the time (2 years ago) was the best car I had ever drvein by a rather wide margin. And keep in mind, I am not a Ferrari enthusiast and had never really given the brand too much thought prior to th (MORE)

Can you fix somebody's back by hitting it really hard?

That's not a good idea, by doing that you might cause more harm. To fix someones back first you need to ask yourself why it needs to be FIXED and what is causing the problem. Back pain can be caused by a variety of sources such as the bones, intervertebral discs, facet joints, ligaments, muscles, an (MORE)

How do you fix the hard disk file from a ps3 system when its corrupted?

PS3 uses proprietary file system. And if you do no have tools that came with your PS3 I afraid there is nothing you can. Overall damaged files are next to impossible to recover or restore. There are exceptions but not that many. You might want to call the manufacture and ask for help. Also try (MORE)

What are the first steps to fix a damaged hard drive?

To fix a damaged hard drive one might turn off their computer to 'check the disk' to see if its broken or one may reformat it, deleting all files back to factory setting. To save these files, one might hire a professional to repair or copy files off the broken drive onto a new one if it can't be fix (MORE)

Why is it hard for the government to fix the problem?

Politicians represent different interests which may not agree onthe best solution for a problem. Without a majority in Congress,which is very difficult to get, and the president's approval, verylittle can be done.