What can companies do to stop child labor?

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What can you do to stop child labor?

donate money . inform people about it . and find the people who are doing it I'd like to see a better answer! oh wait never mind... there isn't one because mine is the b

What can be done to stop child labor?

start making people pay fins for making under age children working there is power in unity. if we all banned together to oppose this problem, we can succeed.

When did Child Labor stop?

Child labor has not stopped, but child labor abuse has stopped. Child labor has been around for years, and is still commonly practiced. However, child labor abuse has been slo

What companys use child labor?

Taiwan for example, is the biggest country that uses child labor, there are even child prostitutes there. Taiwan is not a company. Millions of companies worldwide lawfully e

Which companies use child labor?

Coca-cola McDonalds Nestle adidas American Apperal Cheveron Exxon Gap Nike Wal-mart Hanes Firestone Disney Victoria's Secre

Why stop child labor?

when you say why....? why not ??? would you like to be forced to do stuff you wouldn't want to?? there is every reason to stop child labour it is cruel!!!

How do you stop child labor in India?

first of all people should not send kids to work especially villages and urban areas . by stage speech and by non violence . if people denote 5000 a kids study one term or one