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for my 15.3 hh show horse 2 make him healthy shiny and in good nick I feed him:
1st put 3-5 cups of water in the bucket because the ricebran &copra grows and if it is not soaked in water it will grow in the horses bucket and can kill them
-3/4 cup of soaked barley soak for at least 5hrs buy barley with no add ingrediances
-1/3 of a small dipper (~4 cups) of copra
-1/4 of small dipper of rice bran (refer 2 definition above)
-1 table spoon of dolomite
-1 tablespoon of sulfar
-1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds
-2 teaspoons of copper sulfate (may be known as blue stone)
- 1 tablespoon of garlic
-1/2 of apple cider vinigar
- 1 large dipper of wheaten chaff
- 1 large dipper of lucerne chaff
then mix it up very well you might need 2 put more water in the bucket so the feed is not dusty
then in a hay net put 3 large biscuits of hay in i put that much in but u don't need 2
hope this is what u r looking for

horses also love treats such as sugar cubes, peppermints, even jolly ranchers. horses also eat lots of grass and hay. horses like apples and carrots too.

i have a 14.3 cob X thoroughbred who gets ridden once a day for about an hour usually schooling or jumping then hacking at weekends with some cross-country and showjumping shows evey couple of weekend's. He gets fed this twice a day, in the winter the supplements once a day in the summer supplements with everymeal
1 1/2 small scoops of conditioning cubes
1 1/2 scoops of chaff
1 Lid (from the bottle) of cod-liver oil
1 scoop (the tiny scoops used with medical powders, usually comes with the supplement) of biotin and garlic.
and usually a couple of apples or carrots. Hope It Helps :) xx
Thanks for the feedback!

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What do horses eat?

Horses are grazing animals and forage feed (mostly grasses) is  necessary for the proper functioning of their digestive system, as  it is their most natural diet.   

How does a horse eat?

Let's go through this step by step:    A horse picks up grass/hay in his mouth.  A horse chews his food making exactly 6 circles.  A horse swallows his food.  

Who eats horse?

Horse meat is consumed in Canada, Japan, Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium, and other European countries. It s a lean, dark and tender meat, more like moose than beef.

How does the horse eat?

The horse eats grass by grabing hold of selective bits of grass with its lips and the the front teeth bite it. It is then made into a bolus whitch is a ball of food. And then

Can a horse eat you?

Physically speaking, a horse is able to eat a human the way we eat animals. But it cannot, however, swallow you whole.   But the chance of a horse attempting to eat you is

What do horses eat and how do they eat and when do they eat?

The horse is an herbivor, which means he only eats plant life, grasses mostly. If no grass is available they will need hay and some kind of grain to make sure they get all the

Why is your horse not eating?

There could be a simple reason so don't panic. Have you changed his feed or feeding time or routine? Make sure his hay has no mold or noxious weeds in it. If you feel you can

What is' horse eat?

horses mostly eat grasses and plant materials, they also eat hay. some horse owners feed their horses oats and maize (corn). many people give their horses fruit such as apples

What do horses eat and why?

Horses are herbivores and eat mostly grass or hay because that is what they have evolved to eat. Their stomachs are relatively small and can only hold so much food at one time