What can you do if you are depressed - should you talk to someone?

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What Can You Do If You Are Depressed
  • ABSOLUTELY see someone, and NOW ... before it gets worse or you lose out on more life than you already have. Any medical clinic or hospital can direct you to where to go and what to do.

    Please, do it now!
  • Yes! You should talk to someone, even though at the time it may not feel right. But remember that, with depression, many people don't understand or believe people do suffer with it. Try a parent or close relative; if you can't explain it properly, find a pamphlet that says everything for you and hand it to them.
  • Talk to a trained professional -- a therapist, psychologist, or licensed social worker. They understand depression in its many forms and can be of great help.
  • People get depressed usually have no such talent to talk to someone. they would be frightened when some stranger in front of them pointing out their fault. they are used to live in their own world. So, the best way to solve your depression, is to read book introducing your situation and follow the book's instruction. Here, I get a very practical tip for you. Lose your energy! Everything energy-consuming would be good for you. Such as, jogging, yoga, dancing, reading news script loudly. Even just thinking about these kind of activation will help you stay out of depression.
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