What can you do when an abusive father threatened you to give up custody and now refuses to follow the court order to give you visitation rights and any placement?

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Answer You are a mother ... fight!!!!! You can seek out legal counsel and go to court to fight for the rights of your children. If your ex has any record of abuse against you or your children (or both) you can fight this in a court of law and get either partial or hopefully full custody of your child(ren). If you can't afford legal counsel then seek out your local Women's Abuse Centers (you can go to Mental Health or your local law enforcement agency and ask them where these centers are) and fight through them. They have people who will help you fight for your rights in court to get your children back .......... OR When your ex keeps forcing you to give up custody he is breaking the law! Seek out legal advice and if necessary (and you have proof) go to the media for help. People don't take kindly to any man (or woman) being abusive with the other partner or children involved.
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Can a father go to court to order a paternity test if the mother refuses to give him one?

Yes, he can have the court order a paternity test. Answer Yes. Just like the fathers who refuse to pay child support based upon not knowing if the baby is his, mothers can

Does the court ever change a ruling from joint custody to full custody for the custodial parent if the non-custodial parent gives up his visitation?

Answer . \nBecause it's almost always in a child's best interest to have a relationship with both parents, courts are generally reluctant to take away visitation rights.

When does a court give an abuser custody of children?

When they have been determined to not be a an abuser. Courts do not grant custody of children to adults who have been determined to be abusive. When they have been determin

Can a mother deny visitation right when the father refuse to give her the new address?

No, if you do that you are in violation of the court order and can get into trouble for that. He is however violating the court order by not giving you the address. Have you l
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What can you do when a father refuses to follow court orders?

That's what courts are for. You should seek legal advice from an attorney or ask to speak with an advocate at the family court with jurisdiction over your case. You haven't m
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Does being behind on childsupport give the custodial parent grounds to refuse visitation rights?

No. The custodial parent never has the right to refuse visitation without a court order or if the child is in danger. Child support and visitation are two separate orders, two