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What can you do with an associates degree in liberal arts?

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What advantages will you have with an associate's degree in liberal arts?

There are several advantages when obtaining any degree even the minimal, that being an Associates. Bottom line, any attempt to better yourself is noticed by employers. I am ma

What kind of job can you get with a liberal arts math and science associates degree?

  Answer     You are qualified to tutor or substitute-teach in those areas. Check with local schools or learning centers.     Tax-prep or bookkeeping mig

What jobs can i get with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts?

Lucky for you, there is a wide array of job opportunities available for Liberal Arts graduates. Not only have you learned to write well, speak well, and think well, but you've

What jobs can you get with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts?

Jobs with a Degree in Liberal Studies This totally depends on your skills and interests. If you wish to remain in your field, often teaching and academics is the route you ne

What is a liberal arts degree in?

  a liberal arts degree is just a completion of classes to get a certain number of credit hours to move on and transfer to another University or complete a specific major.

How can I earn an Associate degree in liberal arts?

Here is some information that could be useful. An associates degree is basically an undergrad degree that you canachieve from a community college, junior college, technicalcol

What is an associate of arts in business degree?

The associate of arts degree (two year program) in business is typically designed for individuals who wish to pursue a bachelors degree after completion of the associates degr

What jobs can you get with an associate's degree in liberal arts?

An associates degree in Liberal Arts, more than anything else, prepares students for further study at a 4-year degree granting college or university. Its value lies more in it

How many credits do you need for a liberal arts degree?

The associates degree is designed as a two year program of study as a full-time student provided the student takes the degree as prescribed by the college, and provided the st

What is the definition of liberal arts degree?

Academic disciplines, such as languages, literature, history, philosophy, mathematics, and science, that provide information of general cultural concern. (Dictionary). For th