What can you use to wax a sled?

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Surfboard wax
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What are the uses of sled dogs?

They are used to pull sleds. The main breed used is Huskies, because they are able to with stand harsh and cold conditions. Depending on how big the sled is and the weight of

What can you us as a sled?

cardboard or a removable slide from a playground. (not a government playground, but one you can buy and use at home)

What is the use of wax?

It can make you legs become smoother, but very painful You can use different waxes for different things e.g. teeth

Why are dogs used in dog sledding?

Many reasons one is there ability to stand the cold and weather another is they are very loyal and normally can sense danger so if your crossing a frozen pond they can sometim

Why are huskies used for sled racing?

because they are extremely good at it .. theyre very very fast .. mine can pull at 35mph .. and huskies can pull a sled for a hundred miles without taking rest. they are quick
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What is a Christmas sled used for?

A Vintage Christmas Sled can be used for a vintage decor at Christmas. Vintage Christmas sleds come in different sizes. They can be found at garage sales and estate sales and