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How do you properly wax your legs?

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just use wax

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Can you use candle wax for waxing your legs?

No. Candle wax hardens..Regular wax dosen't...There would be no way you can remove hair by hardened wax.You can try to wax your legs with candle wax but it won't work. Real body wax has different ingredients than candles.

Is it possible to wax your legs with duct tape?


Can you wax your legs at night?

Definitely yes.

Does Justin Bieber wax his legs?

yes, he does

Does Justin Timberlake wax his arms?

yes and his legs

What do you do if you are not allowed to shave wax etc you legs and you realllllly need to?

If you are of legal age then you do not need your parents permission. However if you are not then talk to your mother and explain why you want to shave your legs. If the hair is unsightly then I feel sure that she will understand. Mothers are understanding when approached properly.

Why do dogs left legs not work properly?

dogs left legs don't work properly because the right ones do

Do honey bees get ear wax?

No , and they don't shave their legs , either.

Did Niall wax his legs for charity?

Yes although I don't know why.

Can you wax your legs after orthopedic surgery?

Yes, you can wax your legs after surgery, provided all the sutures have been removed and there is no wound in the area to be waxed. However, in the pre-op care, you will be shaved as per the protocol. So relax. Your legs will be as silky as they are now after the surgery.

What are wax strips?

a very painful way to remove hair from legs, arms, face, etc... usually cloth strips with hot wax on them...

How do you wax legs?

Soak you're leg in warm water for 5 minutes. Then you grab wax paper put hotglue on it stick it on the leg and then yank

How do celebs have no hairs on their legs?

It's obvious they just shave or wax all the time

Can I get a Brazilian wax at a day spa?

Yes, a day spa is a great choice for a Brazilian wax. They will have the facilities available to do the wax properly, including the softening of the skin beforehand, which will make the process easier and less painful.

Does Emma Watson shave or wax her legs?

Probably shave because waxing hurts, LOADS!

Does kesha shave her legs?

she pobaly does, because she shows her legs off in music videos and they look they shiny, so i would say she waxes her legs, i think all female celebreties have to shave or wax their legs, to show off to the viewers

How can you reduce friction on a car?

Wax the exterior and keep it clean. Keep tires properly inflated.

How often should you wax your legs?

whenever ur hair grows back to a minimum length of 5mm

How much wax do you put in chocolate to make shinny?

Chocolate can't shinny because it has no arms or legs.

What is the position of moon during waxing phase?

lying on its bed with wax on its legs shouting ouch that hurt

How do you wax your legs?

Personally I would not wax my legs myself. I would have a perfesional do it even if it costs more. Soak your legs in warm water, apply beauty tape (get in a local store in beauty section) let the tape sit on your skin for 20-25 seconds. Quickly pull the tape off. This may hurt but you'll like the results.

Can men wax?

ya u could probaly wax ur legs arms maybe but u should stick 2 shaving ur face u know :D

Where can someone find information on how to wax a car properly?

Instructions on how to wax a car properly are normally found on the product being used. If the product does not come with instructions for proper use or the directions are unhelpful, there are several good how-to videos on YouTube that show good car waxing techniques.

What if you are hairy and embarrassed and not allowed to wax shave etc you legs?

If people bother you, ignore them. There is nothing wrong with hair on legs and arms, it is natural. :) In some countries, nobody shaves.

Where do girls wax?

Vagina,Airbrows,Legs,Arms,Back...pretty much anywhere there is hair besides our heads!