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What causes oral thrush and a white tongue if you tested negative for HIV?

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Other information below this is partially incorrect.
Thrush is the term used when a Candida yeast infection of the mouth occurs.
This is from many things such as having a low immune system to taken a long course of antibiotics. Bacteria live on yeast as well as other things. When a person takes lots of antibiotics for instance, the bacteria dies out in the body and yeast can overgrow.
Killing bacteria or taking antibiotics will only make thrus worst since you are killing off the organism that eat the yeast. Go research on the internet for more detail. I wish people would not post an answer unless they knew what they were talking about.

Answer Thrush is primarily a bacterial infection. It is commonly associated with advanced HIV infection, but I believe you can contract Thrush without being HIV positive. It is not exclusively a HIV prompted illness. Your primary care doctor should treat you for Thrush if, in fact, that is what you have. If you are concerned with a possible HIV infection, you should be tested in accordance with your primary care physician's advice. Although the standard is every three to six months. Answer Hi, Oral thrush is a very common occurance among a lot of people hun and doesn't mean you have HIV. Oral thrush can be caused by a over-load of oral bacteria which causes a yeast infection which we call thrush. Its very similar to a womans vaginal thrush/yeast infection. The only difference is its in the mouth - on the tongue to be specific. Try a course of antibiotics and use mouthwash that kills over 98% of all mouth bacteria. This should help cleap up your oral thrush. Yes its very legitimate to be tested for HIV in 3 months. I wish you luck. ANSWERE The following can lessen your resistance to infection and increase your chances of getting thrush:
  • Taking antibiotics or steroid medications
  • Having HIV infection or AIDS
  • Receiving chemotherapy for cancer or drugs to suppress your immune system following an organ transplant
  • Being very old or very young
  • Being in poor health
  • Having diabetes
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For how long after a negative test can you be confident that you do not have HIV?

Answer . I don't think there is a quaranteed time period for that...I believe that HIV can remain dormant for up to 10 years, although that's probably an extreme case,

What causes oral thrush?

As gross as it sounds, it's basically a yeast infection of the mouth. Can happen when you are on antibiotics, have a dirty mouth, or have HIV/AIDS.

Does oral thrush cause abdominal pain?

Here is some info on oral thrush there is no metion anywhere of abdominal pain. Oral Thrush appears as creamy white patches on the tongue, roof of the mouth, back of the thr

Can omnicef cause thrush on the tongue?

Not directly, but taking any antibiotic can create the conditionsfor fungi to grow.

Can beer cause oral thrush?

Drinking beer will not cause oral thrush.

How are oral HIV tests done?

Scientists have developed oral HIV tests that can be conducted with saliva samples. One of the unintended effects of these tests is the misperception that HIV can be transmitt
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