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There are many things that can cause pain in the waist area. You could have a pulled muscle, or a pinched nerve. There could also be a disk herniation in your lower back.
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Can omeprazole cause joint pain?

Some of the side effects include joint, muscle, or leg pains. These side effects are infrequent, but can be a problem and can be mistaken for arthritis or myalgia leading to t

What is pain above waist on right side of back?

Pain above the waist on the right side of the back is most probably a kidney stone, although that is not the only possibility. A test of your urine, to check for elevated leve

Can Ibuprofen cause neck pain?

I always end up with neck pain after using ibuprofen.

Can sciatica pain just cause pain numbness in the upper front leg from waist to knee?

No, generally sciatica would be pain radiating from the lower back, usually on one side or the other. This pain would radiate to the buttocks or down the back of the leg and n

What could cause sudden pain in waist if it is on right side and goes down to my hip and it makes it hard for me to stand on my right foot?

  If this pain is coming from behind and not the front, it could beSciatica. It starts at the backside of your hip and runs halfway through one of your buttocks and then d

What causes pain at hip joint?

Can you be specific as to what kind of pain you are experiencing? One common condition that is centralized in the hip join and very common in athletes and dancers is a labral

What caused pain in lower region of the waist especially the left side?

  Unless you have any other symptoms: gas. It could also be an ectopic pregnancy (it cannot be ruled out through physical findings); if you are in your first trimester esp

What causes pain on right side of back near waist but no pain when peeing?

It may be your ovaries, or it could be that you are simply not driking enough water, try drinking water and cranberry juice to flush out your kidneys. It can also be a pulled
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What causes pain in inner thigh?

it is caused by blood being trapped for more then 2 seconds this is what causes the pain in your inner thigh. It is most likely a cramp of the muscle. These seem to happen m
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What causes pain?

Pain is due to severe isometric relaxation of skeletal muscles. This is proved by many facts. 1. We don't feel pain where there are no skeletal muscles like the thoracic, ab
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Can the pain meds cause pain?

Absolutely, most pain meds have severe side effects that include headaches and overall feeling unwell. once you have been taking them for s long enough time, you begin to expe

What causes abdominal pains?

There are so many different things that can cause abdominal pains  so it is important to specify other symptoms you are having. Some  things that cause abdominal pain includ