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What causes your leg to go numb?

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I think its from lack of blood flow.
Probably poor circulation of the legs.
numbness probably occurs due to compression of a nerve as sleeping foot occurs if sciatic nerve is compressed
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Why do my legs go numb at night?

This could be from poor circulation in your legs. Try to sleep with a soft pillow under them at night. Also doing leg exercises before going to bed each night might help. If i

How do your legs go numb?

\nYou legs go numb, when your blood is either, not reaching your numbed part of the body, or your blood circulation has been cut of for at least 30 seconds.

Why is your leg going numb?

It might be because there is poor circulation in your leg. That is the number one cause, but I would ask your doctor for the offical answer.

What can cause lower right back pain with leg and foot going numb?

A lumbar hernia is one of several possibilities. Many people experience l ower right back pain with leg numbness that is . caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve, by the

What does it mean when your legs go numb?

It could have many causes, the most common being that you have managed to cut off the circulation temporarily. If it persists, I would see a doctor.

What causes both legs to go numb?

Usually if you sit on them or you have them in unusaul positions for too long, you may get pins & needles and that causes your legs to go numb!

What causes numbness in lower back and legs?

numbness can be caused by a variety of things including diabetes and also herniated disc in the spine, the best thing to do is to consult with your doctor. ..............