What channel is starwars on?

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cartoon network which varies in channel number depending on what region you are in

What is Starwars?

Starwars is a science-fiction series of movies that was created by George Lucas. There are currently 7 Starwars films (if you include the animated film "The Clone Wars"). In

Is starwars real?

No.....maybe it is only real if your name is Tim or tyler, or your a lizard. George Lucas wuz not here

Is starwars dumb?

People have different opinions however I personally like Starwars.

Will They Have Another Starwars?

they haven't planned a seventh movie, but there is three more episodes after the sixth that they might eventually put into film They are not making any more actual non-anima

Will there be a starwars 7?

Ah...very good question. You know I've been woundering that myself. George Lucas planned to do all 10 starwars movies, But it only ended up with 6. I hope the do make some mor

You love starwars?

I don't just love it; it's my life. I call myself a Star Wars junkie

What is the theme of starwars?

The Star Wars Original Trilogy is the story of the Hero's Journey. The Star Wars saga taken as a whole follows the rise, fall, and redemption of Anakin Skywalker as a tragic h

Who is bane in starwars?

Bane is a bounty hunter from Star Wars the Clone Wars TV series, and the Hutt council hired him to free Ziro the hutt--captured during the movie for trying to kill Jabba's son
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Who is ygabba in starwars?

Ygabba as a young human girl who stole Boba Fett's helmet. Boba chased the girl to find she was working for a Neimodian who was paying her with food. Boba killed the Neimodian
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What are mandalorians on starwars?

Mandalorians are a nomadic group of clan-based people that consists of multiple species (mostly humans) and gender (mostly male) that are bound by a common culture. Most Manda
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Why is there no blood in starwars?

Lightsabers and blasters are both laser weapons, and when they have enough power to cut through something, they generate lots of heat. So basically the heat from the laser cau
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Is there starwars in fusionfall?

no there is no star wars because cartoon network does not own it. Same with pokemon too