What chemicals do you have to purchase for a new 33x53 above ground swimming pool?

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Chlorine: either in the form of tablets(99%) or liquid (12.5%). OR Bromine but you still should use some liquid chlorine even with this. Muriatic Acid, CYA = cyanuric acid/conditioner Other items you may need or have to use depending upon how you maintain your pool: Soda ash, algaecide, tile cleaning soap, water clearifier. etc., etc.
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Where is the drain to an above ground swimming pool?

Unless you had the pool installed with a bottom drain there is not a drain on an above ground pool. You'll have to pump the water out using a sump pump or siphon it out using

How do you level the ground for an above ground swimming pool?

Level Own Lawn for Pool . It can be done. We just did it. After clearing all the sod, anddirt away for the depth that you want, you need to take a 4 foot2x4, and tape a leve

Can an above ground swimming pool be installed in ground?

This would probably not be a good idea, the problem would be that after having dug the hole and having successfully assembled the pool, you would have to fill it with water be

How to chemically treat a new above ground pool?

To chemically treat a new above ground pool, you will have to addchlorine to the pool. You will also have to test your pool water tosee where the PH is. Depending on the readi

What order should chemicals be added to a new above ground pool?

you can add them in any order but DO NOT mix the chemicals they can cause fires the best bet is to test the water see what you need and add it to the pool one at a time then r

Can a snake get into an above ground swimming pool?

Yes. a snake can go about anywhere it has a mind to. They climb trees, go up drain pipes to get on a roof. It surely could climb a step ladder to get into the pool. It more th