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What chemicals do you have to purchase for a new 33x53 above ground swimming pool?

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Chlorine: either in the form of tablets(99%) or liquid (12.5%). OR Bromine but you still should use some liquid chlorine even with this. Muriatic Acid, CYA = cyanuric acid/conditioner Other items you may need or have to use depending upon how you maintain your pool: Soda ash, algaecide, tile cleaning soap, water clearifier. etc., etc.
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Above ground swimming pool removal contractors?

If you are just looking to remove a pool that you don't want and which is still functional, you may try advertising it in Craig's list or Freecycle. You can say that they can

What could be used instead of sand under a above ground swimming pool?

Believe it or not I used pea gravel. It was half the cost of sand and just as effective. I used three tons for a 24ft. above ground pool and I also put a tarp between the pea

What is the difference between a beaded liner and an overlap liner for above ground swimming pools?

  Answer     A beaded liner will have a thick bead or lip of vinyl around the top of the liner. This bead will fit into a track which is made to receive the bead

What is the best above ground swimming pool filter system?

Well, there are basically 3 different kinds of filter systems, sand, cartridge, or Dichotomous Earth. DE Filters remove the most particles from a pool and are also the most ex

What chemicals are needed for a new swimming pool?

If you are filling the pool with water yourself and not having a  pool maintenance firm do it, then you'll likely need:  · Calcium (via Calcium Chloride or possibly Calcium

Do you have to cover an above ground swimming pool?

Absolutely, just like an in ground pool, leaves, bugs, etc can get into it. A pool cover is just to protect the pool water from those sorts of things.

Can you build a platform to put an above ground swimming pool on?

  Answer   Yes, if you can build it to hold several hundred cars. The amount of water in small spa or hot tub is probably equal to one car. The real answer is no, yo

How often to run filter on above ground swimming pool?

It depends on the size of the pool and the prevailing conditions. Run it for 3 hours morning and 3 hour's afternoon for starters and see how the water is. if it stays clean an

How do you level the ground for an above ground swimming pool?

Level Own Lawn for Pool   It can be done. We just did it. After clearing all the sod, and  dirt away for the depth that you want, you need to take a 4 foot  2x4, and tape

Where is the drain to an above ground swimming pool?

  Unless you had the pool installed with a bottom drain there is not a drain on an above ground pool. You'll have to pump the water out using a sump pump or siphon it out

Can earwigs damage an above ground swimming pool?

  Answer     Earwigs are herbavors and generally will not harm pets or humans. They also like to hide in dark or shady places during the day. Their favorite habi

Can a homeowner purchase an insurance policy to protect an above ground swimming pool from winter damage or can a rider be attached to their current homeowner's insurance policy?

Depending on the insurance company, you may be able to acquire "Collapse of Above-Ground Pool" endorsement. Which covers exactly what it says, the collapse of the above groun

How can you silence the high frequency sound of your above ground swimming pool filter pump?

  Answer   If the sound is more like a very loud growl it may be the bearings within the motor. If the motor is less than 1.5 hp or 2.0 hp - replace the motor. You m