What classical theories are still in use today?

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E=mc squared
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Is classical and operant conditioning still practiced today?

Conditioning is still practiced today. For example, operant conditioning, which includes the use of reinforcement to increase the probability of apparition of behaviour, is co

What are the top classic rock bands still touring today?

Ok, well, you gotta take into account that some rock bands will no longer be touring once you read this and that the Top Ten is impossible to be decided by us simply. We need

Do you still use theory of relativity today?

Yes ,we do still use the theory of relativity as it deals with the relativity of motion and rest. And, it is of great importance for the micro-world like sub-atomic phenomena

Dalton's atomic theory is it still believed today?

of course Dalton's atomic theory is still believed today. but it has some defects, like his first postulate states that an atom is indivisible. but as you know its not correct

How are Charles Darwin's theories used today?

Every time the medical establishment tries to predict the types of seasonal flu they are using the theory of evolution by natural selection, which has come a bit of a way sinc

How is quantum theory used today?

It explaines the structure of atoms, atomic nuclei , and molecules; the behaviour of subatomic particles; the nature of chemical bonds ; the properties of crystalline solids ;
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Why is Copernicus' theory still used today?

There were two theories concerning the way the solar system was layed out. Back before Nickolas Copernicus presented his heliocentric system (the idea that the sun is in the c
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Are Plato's theories still useful today?

Plato's theories are useful as an important part of the history of philosophy. Plato was historically influential, but his theories are not accepted today as being philosophic
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Is Johannes keplers theory still accepted today?

Yes. Of course it has been considerably elaborated upon, based onthe knowledge and technological aids we now have, but his generalconcepts still hold true.