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What colors can black bears be?

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black bears can be black-black, blue-black, cinnamon, brown, or very rarely they can be albino (white)
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What color is a black bear?

A black bear is black emphasis on the Black in its name Black bears can also be brown, cinnamon, blond, and white. They can also be dark brown with a cinnamon nose. black

What color are black bears?

  Most black bears are mostly black with brown around the muzzle and may have a patch of white fur on the chest. Some black bears may have brown, blonde, or even white fur

What color is the blood of a black bear?

Well lets see it's a mammal like us humans, so it must have RED  blood like us humans!

Do black bears change color?

They don't change color as time goes by, by black bear's hues include blonde, red, brown, and black. They may lighten if they're constantly put in sunlight, but nothing has ha

What is a black bear color?

Black bears commonly come in black, but they can also be a cinnamon colour.  Very rarely will there be a white black bear--an albino black bear. "Spirit" bears found along