What colour is birthday bear out of the care bear?

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He is golden yellow and has a cupcake on his stomach
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What are the Care Bears about?

The Care Bear's are about spreading love, caring, tolerance, patience, love-for-self, self-esteem, confidence, and all other positive emotions around the earth. They also teac

What are the Care Bears?

they are colorful stuffed teddy bears Answer . Care Bears are the cutest stuffed animals. They are found in many toy stores. They come in many sizes, for instance small ones c

What are all the names of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins?

Care Bears . Original . Bedtime Bear . Birthday Bear . Cheer Bear . Friend Bear . Funshine Bear . Good Luck Bear . Grumpy Bear . Love-a-Lot Bear . Tenderheart Bear .

On Care Bears who is the Care Bears' enemy?

It depends. Which time frame are you talking about (ex. 80's, 90's or 2000's) and in what form (book, movies or television series) because the Care Bears have had quite a fe