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Although the Care Bears were created for greeting cards, they grew into something much larger. The Care Bears were largely popular throughout the 1980s, and still make occasional comebacks. There were toys, games, a show, and movies based off of the characters.

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Care Bears

What's the best way to clean and care for a diamond?

Mix warm water and dishwashing soap together and soak your diamond for about 20 minutes. Take the diamond out and gently clean it with a soft toothbrush and then rinse it under water and let it air dry.

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Care Bears

Where can you list a real Alaskan Bear Rug for sale?

Do not recall of any bear ever being called an Alaskan bear. Polar bear, black bear, grizzly bear etc. Might try looking at auctions of hunter type homes.It is possible to get a hunters license andd shoot one yourself.Heads of states seem to get that sort of thing as presents. Could also try your friendly Sierra Club.They may have a list of purveyors of animal skins. try eBay

Care Bears

Do they make a grizzle care bear?

Yes, there is a large range of Grizzly Care Bears in red, green and white.

Care Bears

On Care Bears who is the Care Bears' enemy?

It depends.

Which time frame are you talking about (ex. 80's, 90's or 2000's) and in what form (book, movies or television series) because the Care Bears have had quite a few adversaries over the years.

The Care Bears first main nemesis was called Professor Coldheart, assisted by his side-kick Frostbite. Coldheart was a mad scientist who made different

inventions to rid the world of caring. Auntie Freeze was Frostbite's aunt.

In the more widely known Nelvana animated cartoon series, the main bad-guys were No Heart and his assistant Beastly. No Heart was a powerful dark wizard, also dedicated to ridding the world of caring. Shreeky is No Heart's niece who comes to take over a larger part in the series, eventually partnering with Beastly (who becomes her sidekick). No Heart sometimes sends Sinister Shadows to do his dirty work. A few other one-time bad guys from this TV series include Dr.Fright, Sour Sam, The Evil Vizier and the Rat King.

From the movies, the main villains include The Evil Spirit, Dark Heart, Wizard of Wonderland and his assistants, Dim & Dumb.

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Care Bears

Do you need permission to use the care bear logo?

It depends on how you are using it.

Care Bears

What are all the names of the Care Bear Villains?


1 Professor Cold Heart

2 Frostbite

3 Auntie Freeze


1 Wizard No Heart

2 Shreeky

3 Mr. Beastly

4 Dark Shadows

5 Dr. Fright

6 Sour Sam


1 Evil Spirit

2 Dark Heart

3 The Wizard of Wonderland

4 Dim and Dumb


1 The Evil Vizier

2 The Rat King

3 The Rat Minions

Care Bears

Who is the Care Bears' enemy?

There are many enemies. There is Dark Heart, in Care Bears Movie II A New Generation. There is Professor Cold Heart, along with his assistant Frostbite, in the early Care Bear episodes. There is No Heart, also in the early episodes, but No Heart isn't in the same episodes as Professor Cold Heart. There is No Heart's Assistant, Beastly. There is No Heart's Niece, Shreeky, who shreeks loud! In the 2000 films, there is Grizzly, along with his former assistant, Wingnut, which was replaced with a fake robot that looks like a bird named Mr. Beex.

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Care Bears

How do you care for a bear hamster?

if you are just getting one make sure you have a cage ready at home make sure the cage has anough space for activites and bedding for the bed then make sure you have a water bottle water is so important to life then buy some animal food they need to eat and for fun have a hamster wheel or an exercizing cage that is best for a nice hamster

Care Bears

Who invented the Care Bears?

i am sorry but my mom did make this but them just took the money 4 their self !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how rude

Care Bears

Why do people like care bears?

Because for some kids it makes them feel happy and secure. When you watch the movies, it teaches you how to act : kind and caring.

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Care Bears

What is the value on 1985 care bears in good condition?

It would cost about $40.00 . Answer two: The value of a care bear depends on what size it is, and how rare it is. Also the value is higher if the bear is in it's original box.

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Care Bears

What do the care bears look like?

Care bears look like colorful stuffed bears with designs in the middle of their tummy. They also have a heart-shaped nose and heart shapes on the bottom of their feet.

Care Bears

On Care Bears who is the Care Bear's enemy?

In Care Bears, there are multiple enemies.

1)Dark Heart, from Care Bears II: A New Generation

2)Professor Coldheart, with his assistant Frostbite, and Frostbite's aunt - Auntie Freeze from the newer series

3)The Evil Spirit, from the first Care Bears Movie

4)No Heart, his assistant Beastly, and No Heart's niece Shreeky, from the 1980's and 1990's series

5)The Evil Vizier, and his rat army from Care Bears The Nutcracker

6)The Wizard of Wonderland, and his 2 assistants Dim and Dumb ( Dim and Dumb are brothers ) from the Care Bears Adventures in Wonderland

7)Dr. Freight, also from the newer films

8)Beastly and his 2 asistants from the 2010 series/Care Bears:Welcome to Care~A~Lot

9)Grizzle, with his assistant, Wingnut, from the Care Bears Movie; Care Bears: Oopsy Does It! From 2000 films ( Wingnut got replaced )

10)Grizzle, with his assistant Mr. Beex in the 2000 Care Bears Series ( Grizzle thinks Mr. Beex is a real robot ( unlike Wingnut, which is a working robot ) and plays checkers with Mr. Beex...)

Care Bears

What is the symbol of cheer bear in care bears?

a rainbow

Care Bears

Can you List all the names of the care bears?

Take care bear,Hopeful heart bear,Friend bear,Best friend bear,Do your best bear,Wish bear,Funshine bear,Thanks a lot bear,Smart heart bear,Champ care bear,Secret bear,Birthday bear,Daydream bear,Good luck bear,Tender heart bear,Bashful heart bear,Grumpy bear,Cheer bear,Harmony bear,Love a lot bear, Laugh a lot bear,Share bear, Surprise bear, and Bedtime bear.

Care Bears

What is the name of the pink care bear?

There are two pink care bears. The one with a rainbow on its stomach is cheer bear and the one with two hearts is luv-alot-bear

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Care Bears

What are characteristics of a husband whose only purpose to stay married 9 years is to take care of children yet continues to profess love but most of the time shows hate and continuous verbal abuse?

Unless he has verbally told you he is just staying for the children's sake then I wouldn't second-guess his thoughts. Hate is a harsh word and if your husband is angry (usually at himself and it's nothing to do with you or the children) he is probably dealing with one or more of these things: 40+ men do go into a menopause and just like women they can actually get hot flashes and become moody and depressed. They use to call this "the midlife crisis", but it finally noted in the medical journals as plain old menopause although it's not as severe as far as what some women go through. At this age men can feel they haven't done what they set out in life to do, and often wonder if the opposite sex is still attracted to them. Let's face it, women feel the same way. If he is on medications then look up the side effects of those medications as sometimes they can cause moodiness, vast changes in personality and depression. Medications for heart, depression or even thyroid medication that need adjusting can cause these problems. It's time he went for a good check-up by your doctor. Before he gets there (don't let him know) phone the doctor's office and have the girl there tell the doctor about the moodiness and abuse. The doctor will consider this confidential on your part. Try talking to your husband to see why he is so unhappy. If he has actually said he is still there just for the childrens sake then tell him not to do you any favors and you'd rather get a divorce and he can have visitation rights. Explain to him that by the two of you arguing all the time it isn't good for the children. It's obvious something is bothering him. Ask him if he thinks a nice trip with just the two of you would make him feel more at peace. You could leave the children with grandparents or a trusted friend. If he is going to continue with the verbal abuse then you have to decide what is best for your children (that should always come first) and also if you want to continually put up with this. No one wants to walk around on egg shells. Have that talk with him and then try to get him to the doctors. Good luck Marcy My ex husband would do the same thing. One day he loved me and would never find another woman like me, to the next day of hating my guts and im the most disgusting so and so. I never knew how he felt as it always changed. I was either all good or all bad. Im glad to not live that way anymore. It was terribly exhausting and brought down my self esteem.

Care Bears

What are the Care Bears about?

The Care Bear's are about spreading love, caring, tolerance, patience, love-for-self, self-esteem, confidence, and all other positive emotions around the earth. They also teach children good life-lessons and certain morals.

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Why did the British fire on the USS Chesapeake?

Answer: The Chesapeake-Leopard AffairOn June 22, 1807, the British HMS Leopard fired on the USS Chesapeake after requesting permission to search the ship for deserted British sailors, and the Commodore of the Chesapeake, James Barron, refused to let them on.
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Care Bears

What colour is birthday bear out of the care bear?

He is golden yellow and has a cupcake on his stomach

Care Bears

What is the pink care bears name?

Cheer Bear!

Care Bears

What is the name of the green care bear?

Good Luck Bear is the green bear; Wish Bear is teal.

Care Bears

What is the yellow care bears name?

Funshine Bear is the only yellow Care Bear. Female gender in the DiC and Nelvana series, but male in the Adventures in Care-a-Lot series, and the CGI movies (Journey to Joke-a-Lot and Big Wish Movie)

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Where did the saying you all have your crosses to bear originate?

From Jesus having to carry his cross on his back to be crucified.

Care Bears

What is the blue care bears name with the moon on his belly?

His name is Bedtime Bear


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