What comes after basic training in the us army?

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There are a couple of answers to this.

Most soldiers will go straight to Advanced Individual Training, where they learn the skills needed to do the job they enlisted for.

If you joined an MOS that requires language training, you do that before AIT. The installation you go to is the Presidio of Monterey, California.

Soldiers who joined MOS 18X (Special Forces Enlistment) go to a lot of schools: Infantry School, Airborne School, then Special Operations Preparation Course, Special Forces Assessment and Selection, and finally the Special Forces Qualification Course.
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Is army basic training hard?

The basic training in the army is not hard but requires endurance.This is aimed at shaping all aspects of a soldier in the Army.

Where are is army basic training units?

Locations for US Army BCT (Basic Combat Training) are: . Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri . Ft Jackson, South Carolina . Ft Knox, Kentucky . Ft Sill, Oklahoma . Ft Benning, Ge

How often can you use the phone when in basic training for the us army?

Depending on the location of your Basic Combat Training the use of a phone is usually limited to every Sunday after about the 2nd week. Now keep in mind your time limit per ca

How do you find US army basic training yearbook?

Sometimes you'll happen across them at military surplus stores, militaria auctions, and the like. If there's one you're looking for specifically, that could be a bit more diff

What is basic training for the army like?

It varies among the different training sites. Typically it consists of Red Phase, White Phase, and Blue Phase. Each phase is about 3 weeks long and each phase has different pr
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How do you pass army basic training?

Do what you are told, when you are told, how you are told. . Do not deviate from orders. . Do not get creative in following orders. . Be heard, not seen. . Keep your head
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How long is the US Army basic training?

BCT (Basic Combat Training), also referred to as Basic Training or Boot Camp, last for nine weeks. After basic you will move on to job training/AIT (advanced individual traini
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What to know before US Army basic training?

Keep copies of ALL paperwork you receive, and store it in a safe place. And expect it to suck. Everything else, you sort of learn as you go. Other thoughts: This is hindsi