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What companies use child labor to make footballs?

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If you mean soccer balls, in Pakistan and cambodia the companies for nike use child labour as resources
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What companies are known to use child labor?

i dont know about the the names of companies. but child labour is common in insence stick manufacturing, constuction sites and mining quarries in india. even though there are

Which companies use child labor?

Coca-cola McDonalds Nestle adidas American Apperal Cheveron Exxon Gap Nike Wal-mart Hanes Firestone Disney Victoria's Secret Abercrombie and Fitch

What companies don't use child labor?

Impossible to list. Millions of US employers lawfully employ children. Millions who employed kids last month don't have kids working this month, but will next month.

What things do child labor make?

When you are forced into child labour, you are usually forced to make different things, things such as, Carpet, Food containers, clothing. Most companies use children to make