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Members of the Iranian government (minister) president elected by parliament for a confidence vote to be introduced. After examining a confidence vote in parliament toministers. Iranian President and the Parliament are elected with the votes of the people.
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Where is Iran?

Iran is in the eastern part of the Middle East which is in Southwest Asia. Iran is bordered on the North by Armenia, Azerbaijan & Turkmenistan. On the East by Afghanistan & Pakistan. On the West by Turkey & Iraq. It also borders the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman & Caspian Sea.

What form of government is practiced in Iran?

Iran is a theocratic Islamic republic governed under the constitution of 1979, which codified Islamic principles of government. The constitution was revised in 1989, expanding presidential powers and eliminating the position of prime minister. The president, who is popularly elected for a four-year (MORE)

What form of government does Iran have?

Iran has a theocracy, a government controlled by the culture's religious leader or leaders. Other have said that it is a thinly disguised military junta or dictatorship.

What type of government does Iran have?

Iran's government is defined as a theocratic republic. A theocracyis ruled by religious leaders who are believed to be acting onbehalf of their deity. A republic is run by a democraticallyelected leader. In Iran, the government is run by an electedpresident, parliament, local councils and an "Assemb (MORE)

Why does the government of Iran see Israel as illegitimate state?

Like 32 other countries (most of them Muslim-majority), Iran views Israel as an illegitimate state due to it being created out of land that was, for times prior to the British mandate, ruled by the Ottoman empire (a nominally Muslim-majority empire). That a non-Muslim state was created out of land t (MORE)

What kind of government did Iran have after 1979?

Iran is an Islamic Republic - Explained Iran is currently ruled by an "Islamic Republic" it has the basic structure of a republician government - like the US or France - but with many powers reserved for the "Supreme Leader" who is the ultimate authority on many matters - almost but not quite a re (MORE)

Why will the American government attempt to destroy Iran?

The United States does not want to harm the people of Iran but what it does want is a democratic government to be present in Iran that is not dominated by Islamic clergy and is not a theocracy. In addition, the United States does not Iran to manufacture any more nuclear weapons or support terrorist (MORE)

What type of government is Iran?

Iran has a unitary, theocratic Islamic republic form of government.The country has a Supreme Leader, a President, and a VicePresident.

Is iran a unlimited government?

Iranian Government is a constitutional republic within an islamic shiite system, allowing a religious supervision of some kind. Since Islam, different from Western Democraties, does not seperate religion and state but puts rules of the Quran, the Hadid etc before the government rule, the western thi (MORE)

What kind of government did the Shah of Iran lead?

Answer 1 The Shah of Iran was a friend of the United States and was very cooperative regarding policy between Iran and the U.S. It is counterproductive to label the leadership as simply A, B, or C. What is important to realize is Iran has the third largest oil reserve in the world. The style of (MORE)

Is Iran a limited government or an unlimited government?

Iran is a mixed government. The Supreme Council of Ayatollahs, the judiciary branch of the Iranian government, is effectively unlimited. They cannot be held to account for their political views and indiscretions. However, both the executive branch (the President and his officers) and the legislative (MORE)

What is the government for Iran?

The Islamic Republic is the title of Iran , but there is no republicity in Iran because there is no democracy in Iran. The mullas are just rulling the country with the old fashioned rules of Quran (the religious book of Islam science 14 centuries ago). The Islamic Republic is the title of Iran , but (MORE)

Is the government of Iran democracy dictatorship or monarchy?

It's a democracy, but it's a bit of a sham. It does have an elected President and a Parliament, but candidates have to be approved by a Guardian Council, and some Reformist candidates have been barred from running. There have also been accusations that elections have been rigged, which caused the re (MORE)

What is there to do in Iran?

You could visit the ancient ruins of Khashayarshah, Persepolis, or the modern architecture of Teheran! Or even go out to a restaurant since Iran has some of the most delectable foods! Go site-seeing! My list would be endless!!!! So...go to this youtube link to see heaps more cool things to (MORE)

What type of government did Iran have in 1979?

2 types. In 1979 Iran witnessed a transformation of government. The Monarchy of the Pahlavi Peacock throne;was replaced with an Islamic Theocracy. Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlavi left Iran,due to riots and protests against his rule, in January 1979.Ayotallah Khomeini became the ruler of Iran in February o (MORE)

When did Iran become Iran?

Iran was originally called Persia, it was one of the very first empires in the world, at a time, it ruled most of the known world. Later Reza Shah changed the name to Iran, meaning noble, some time during his reign in 1935.The name Persia was used for Iran by Greeks . While Iran was called Iran by i (MORE)

What is Irans government?

Iran's government is an Islamic Republic. It is governed under the constitution of 1979, after the Iranian Revolution when the Shah was disposed and the monarchy was dissolved. The Supreme Leader, elected by the Council of Experts, is the head of state; he serves for life and controls military and j (MORE)

What was Iran called before it was Iran?

Until 1935 Iran was officially known as Persia. However, Iran and Persia was used interchangeably until 1979 after the revolution. Edit: the name Iran have been used since Maads. it means Land Of Aryans

Who is the dictator of Iran?

There is no dictatorship in Iran. Iran is a democracy based on Islamic law. Islamic law restricts freedom of pornography in society. Most Iranians are Muslims and agree to these rules. Some of the people of Iran do not agree to these rules and want more freedom.

How do you pronouce Iran?

English speaking people usually pronounce it - ( I - ran ) The rest of the world pronounces it - ( Ee - Ron ) That is also how Iranians pronounce it.

Does the government of Iran have a monarchy?

No, There is no monarchy in Iran`s government. BUT, There is a relegious leader in Iran named "Khamene ee" Recently some intervention of him in administration of Iran has been seen. But he is not the king or something else. It looks like POP of christans. By the way, I have to add that the ad (MORE)

Who is the head of government in Iran?

Iran's government and the president are elected with the votes of the people. Iran'spresidential term is four years. And for a longer period can be extended with the people. Iran's president now. Doctor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Why can't the US control Iran government?

Theoretically, the government of an independent State cannot be controlled by another. That's what national sovereignty and independence is all about. This can become blurred when the economy of one is highly dependent on the behaviour of the other, for friendly or malign reasons.

Is there a peaceful way to change the government in Iran?

It is doubtful that there is a peaceful way to change the Iranian Government. If the Green Revolution of 2009 is any indication, the Republican Guard (Iran's Army) has no qualms about firing on the civilian population in defense of the Supreme Council of Ayatollahs and the President. The rights to p (MORE)

Is consent of the governed an important principle in Iran?

On paper, it should be. Iran presents itself as a Republic. However, considering how violently Iran has repressed its citizens (especially during the Green Revolution of 2009), it would seem that the Ayatollahs will rule regardless of how their people feel.

How did the government if Iran respond to the protest?

Iran declared the protests illegal. Then the protesters were met with extreme violence by the governments soldiers. The most violent protest Iran has seen according to The Wall Street Journal. 2 were killed and dozens were injured and arrested.

Why did the Shah of Iran leave Iran?

The Shah of Iran abdicated because he felt that he was no longerable to hold back the Islamic Revolution; it was too widespread. Ithad become apparent by Black Friday (September 8, 1978), that therewould be a confrontation between the Shah and the Revolutionariesof all stripes. The Shah ultimately d (MORE)

How many people are murdered by Khomeini's government in Iran?

Khomeine was a savage, brutal, barbarian leader and founder of Islamic republic government in Iran. He murdered at least half a million of political prisoners (anyone who stand for freedom) by his revolutionary guard who were chosen from the most uneducated and psychopath class of people. Entire (MORE)

Who are Iran?

Iran is country, not a person. It is located in the eastern part of the Middle East.

What type of government did Iran have after 1900?

Iran did not have one consistent government after 1900. From 1900-1925 were the final days of the Qajjar Dynasty, which wasa medieval-style Persian dynasty. The official name of the countrywas "The Sublime State of Persia". From 1925-1979 were the days of the Pahlavi Dynasty which wasmodern totali (MORE)

What government did Iran have in 1979?

At the beginning of 1979, Iran was an Absolute Monarchy ruled byShah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. At the end of 1979, Iran was aTheocratic Islamic Republic. In between, Iran was a transitionalstate with numerous different factions jostling with each other tohelp try and form a Iranian Constitution.

Does the constitution limit the power of the government in Iran?

The government of Iran is dominated by Islamic laws and by Islamic leaders who have a large influence in the secular parts of Iran's government. The government is often referred to as a republic -theocracy. Only Islamic law limits the power of government.

How did Iran become Iran?

Iran was originally known as Persia until 1935 when the Shah ofIran Reza Pahlavi asked the international community to address thecountry by its name used internally before that: Iran. This was torepresent the modernity of the new state. In the Iranian (or Islamic) revolution in 1979, Iran officiall (MORE)

How is Israel's government different than the governments of Iran and Saudi Arabia?

In Iran and Saudi Arabia, the government is in effect a theocracy.In Israel, the government balances religion and secular life,allowing neither to have full sway. Compare also: . Israel is a parliamentary democracy, with an active multipartysystem. While the United States has only two major partie (MORE)