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Members of the Iranian government (minister) president elected by parliament for a confidence vote to be introduced. After examining a confidence vote in parliament toministers. Iranian President and the Parliament are elected with the votes of the people.
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What is Iran?

Iran is a country in the Middle East. Yep

Where is Iran?

Iran is in the eastern part of the Middle East which is in Southwest Asia. Iran is bordered on the North by Armenia, Azerbaijan & Turkmenistan. On the East by Afghanistan

What form of government is practiced in Iran?

Iran is a theocratic Islamic republic governed under the constitution of 1979, which codified Islamic principles of government. The constitution was revised in 1989, expanding

What type of government is Iran?

Iran has a unitary, theocratic Islamic republic form of government.The country has a Supreme Leader, a President, and a VicePresident.

What is the government for Iran?

The Islamic Republic is the title of Iran , but there is no republicity in Iran because there is no democracy in Iran. The mullas are just rulling the country with the old fas

What is there to do in Iran?

You could visit the ancient ruins of Khashayarshah, Persepolis, or the modern architecture of Teheran! Or even go out to a restaurant since Iran has some of the most delecta

What is Irans government?

Iran's government is an Islamic Republic. It is governed under the constitution of 1979, after the Iranian Revolution when the Shah was disposed and the monarchy was dissolved

Who is the head of government in Iran?

Iran's government and the president are elected with the votes of the people. Iran'spresidential term is four years. And for a longer period can be extended with the people. I

How did the government if Iran respond to the protest?

Iran declared the protests illegal. Then the protesters were met with extreme violence by the governments soldiers. The most violent protest Iran has seen according to The Wal

Who are Iran?

Iran is country, not a person. It is located in the eastern part of the Middle East.
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What type of government did Iran have after 1900?

Iran did not have one consistent government after 1900. From 1900-1925 were the final days of the Qajjar Dynasty, which wasa medieval-style Persian dynasty. The official name