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What could cause pain in the right side of abdomen?

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Appendicitis, possibly. Phil Answer Pain in the right side is too vague and if you are a female it could be anything from twinges from your ovary releasing an egg; or a cyst on the ovary. Remember all cysts are not cancer. It's best to let your doctor diagnose this problem.
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What would cause pain in lower right side of abdomen?

Well are you talking about if you are running,working out, or walking for long distances at a time? If you are then you are probably getting air bubbles stuck below your ribs.

What would cause pain in the right side of the abdomen after riding in a car for 1.5 hours?

Patient right or your right? Age? Sex? Past medical history? Is this a healthy child or a out of shape geriatric? dehydration cramps could cause this, so could appendicitis, s

What causes sharp pain on the right side of abdomen?

If you have a pain in your abdomen, you should probably go see a docteor, as you may have a ruptured appendix.. The appendix has no known use, so if you're told you need to h

When there is pain in your right side what could be the cause?

If the pain is in the lower abdominal area on the right side, it could indicate appendicitis. It could also indicate an ovarian cyst (pain on either side - not just the right)