What country has the most Abrahamic religions?

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It depends entirely on what you consider a distinct Abrahamic religion. Many people simply consider Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as the Abrahamic religions and over half of the world's countries have all three religious groups (although only around 30 countries have more 20,000 Jews).

If you divide out religions by sect and/or include Post-Islamic faiths as Abrahamic, it would narrow the field. Both the United States and Iran have (for different reasons) high levels of religious diversity.
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What country has the most religions?

The United States. We have Christianity(which can be divided into like fifty subsects). Judeism, Islam, Wikka, Hindi, Pagan, Buddhism. And probably a lot more.

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Which are the Abrahamic religions?

The three major Abrahamic religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Baha'i is also considered by many to be an Abrahamic religion.