What crip colors do 52 Hoover crips wear?

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52 hoover gangstaz wear blue,orange,and sometimes green...they also wear houston astros hats because of the colors,the 5 point star,and the H..for hoover...52 hoover is one of the few hoover sets that still claim to be part of the crips...hoover sets go from 50 to 100...other hoover sets colors may include purple or black...but ALWAYS wear orange...its the main hoover criminal color for all sets.
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What are crip colors?

Every gang in the Crip Alliance wears the color blue, however every Crip set is different and some pick up a secondary color..... Fudge Town Mafia Crips(Blue & Brown) Garde

What are the crip colors?

Traditional Crip colors are Blue . And due to their primary rival gang the Bloods they have an animosity toward anyone "flashing colors" or rival gang signs

What colors do crips wear?

Blue.Each and every crip set,except for grape street crips in watts (purple),wears blue. also insane crips were gray bandanas and naybkorhkood crips were yellow rest are black

What color are crips?

Crips wear the color blue and their rivals the Bloods wear the color red.

What color westside crips wear?

There is no such Crip set as the westside Crips. The Crips gang was created on the West Side aka the West Coast aka California, in Los Angeles. But as far as a Crip set called

Do some hoover crips wear their rags do the right?

All Crip sets wear their rags to the left side. All Blood sets wear their rags to the right side. SIDE NOTES: Many people think that the Crips gang are in the Folk Nation,

What color does 83 Hoovers crips wear?

All Hoover Crip sets wear the colors blue & orange. SIDE NOTES: MOST, Hoover sets have flipped from the Hoover Crips to the Hoover Criminals. The only Hoover Crip set left

Do crips wear the color black?

The Crips main color is blue, but some sets pick up a secondary color for example..... South Side Compton Crips wear the colors blue & black. Grape Street Watts Crips wear

What color do the CRIPS wear?

Every Crip set wears the color blue, however some sets pick up a secondary color. For example the Black Mafia Family Crips wear the colors blue & black, the Latin Mafia Famili