What crops does Belgium have?

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main crops: corn, mais, potatoes
also: sugar beets, fodder beets, tobacco, hop, chicory, flax, beans
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Where is Belgium?

In Europe, with France to the west, The Netherlands to the northeast and Germany to the east and south. See the related link for a map and more information.

What are crops?

There are a few meanings of the word Crops: Crops or crop marks are a set of marks that define a printed area . They tell the printer the boundaries/size of the printed ar

What is cropping?

Cropping is a process used to fix or improve photos or images, when part of the image is cut out or removed to leave behind just the part of the graphic required..

What does a crop do?

The crop provides food, and like cotton, clothing. Also, corn husks can be used for making dolls, called corn husk dolls, obviously.

What is a crop out?

A crop out is a type of cut out of part of a picture. Someone canfor example crop out a tree from a picture and leave behind plainflat ground in the picture.

What is a crop?

It is a feild of growing fruits and veggies.. farmers used to grow crops to eat food.

What does Belgium do?

belgium is mainly famous for brewing hundreds of beers... they are also famous for chocolate, waffles, lace, and for being the capital of Europe by housing the offices of the

How do you get to belgium?

it depends where you live From the south, cross France and continue north /keeping to the west. From the east, cross northern Germany and continue (not too far north because y
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What is crop?

A crop is a type of produce that is cultivated from the groundsafter being grown and before being gathered.