What did homo sapiens sapiens look like?

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Well we are homo sapiens, and due to that fact we hav a big verity of looks. it depends on what sex and country / regen of the world you come from
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Homo sapien sapiens or Homo sapiens sapiens?

It depends on whether you think Neandertals and modern humans were members of the same species, in which case it would be: Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo sapiens neanderthal

What did homo sapiens neandrethalis look like?

THEY HAD HUGE GIANT FLOPPY DICKS AND THE WOMEN SUCKED ON THEM EVERY DAY ALL DAY!! . -if u dont know how to answer a question then take my advice and dont answer them, saves

What do homo sapiens look like?

Homo Sapiens, are a species of the Homo genus. There were two subspecies of Homo sapiens, known as "Homo sapiens sapiens" and "Homo sapiens idaltu". The Homo sapiens sapiens a

What was homo sapiens' shelter like?

Clarification Since everyone reading this question is of the homo sapiens species, the person asking this needs to refine the scope. Do you mean "first" homo sapiens?

What did homo sapiens sapiens mean?

Translated literally from the latin it meant "man wise wise" or wise wise man and it means man who knows - and knows that he knows - ie he has a sense of his own being. It is
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Did homo sapien sapiens have a language?

I believe that you're talking about the early humans... because we're Homo sapiens. I don't think they did, but they may have had some sort of body language or starting to mak