What did the knights of Malta improve to Malta?

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Knights of St. John or Knights of Malta as they are also called they stayed in Malta for over 200 years and basically developed the health care by building numerous hospitals, improved the education in Malta and built entire Valletta. They did a lot of work in Malta and there is a lot to learn about them.
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Where is Malta?

Malta is a Member State of the European Union (EU) ; which is strategically located within the Mediterranean Sea. This strategic position has consistently allowed Malta to eclectically develop as an important International Trading Post. The Malta Freeport is one of the Mediterranean's leading Sea (MORE)

Colleges in Malta?

Depends on what you would like to study .... University tuition in English at the University of Malta.. If you'd like to learn English as a Foreign Language then go to www.skylarkmalta.com

Where is Malta located?

Malta is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea, around 60 miles south of the Italian island of Sicily.

What is Malta?

Malta is an Island, Malta Islands is the largest of the three major islands that constitute the Maltese archipelago and Republic of Malta. Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea directly south of Italy and north of Libya.

What animals are from Malta?

For the most part, Maltese natural environment is a hilly low, open scrubland. There are also some man-made small wooded areas. The animals which live in this environment are small, mainly birds, insects and reptiles. Most of the mammals on the island, like rats, ferrets and hares, as well as som (MORE)

Anything on Malta?

Malta is near the medatarian sea the flag is red and white with a little simbol Maltese people occupations are fishing and are rudly called "wogs"

What is the diameter of Malta?

It's not a circle, so that's a bit of an ambiguous question.\n. \n"The longest distance in Malta in a south-east/north-west axis is about 27 km and the widest distance is 14 km" (source: http://www.geocities.com/rpulli/themalteseislands.html)\n. \nThe surface area is 316 square kilometers

Malta known for?

It's history! and now a days its know for it's many English schools for European students, and its night life and beach side in summer

What do they eat in Malta?

They eat alot like Italians and Greeks. They eat food such as pasta, lasagne and other various European foods. They do have some traditional food such as Torta and Paztizi.

Does Malta have a cinema?

I live in Malta and here we have plenty of cinemas. Malta,Gozo, Kemmuna,Kemunett and the islands of Paul are the Maltese islands.

Who is famous in Malta?

Ira Losco, Winter Moods, Fabrizio Faniello, Chiara Siracusa and Joseph Calleia (are the most famous)

What to see in Malta?

There are a large number of Neolithic temples on Malta and Gozo including the Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni, the only prehistoric underground temple in the world. There are more beautiful churches than you could ever want to see, several historic cities and many exquisite beaches. Gozo is a beautiful isl (MORE)

Who is the President of Malta?

Marie Louise Coleiro Preca is the President of Malta. She was appointed as president for a 5-year term on 2014 April 4 by the House of Representatives of Malta, becoming the 9th President of Malta. Malta is a Parliamentary Republic, and therefore they have both a Prime Minister and a President. (MORE)

Is Malta in Greece?

[Although the answer before was true, I decided it was slightly... degrading, perhaps? Sorry to whoever wrote it] No, Malta is not in Greece. It was inhabited by the Greek once, when it was blessed 'Melite', meaning 'Honey Sweet'. Malta is located just south of Italy, Sicily to be exact. It is a s (MORE)

When was Malta renamed?

when Malta was under the roman empire it was named melita and was changed to Malta later on....otherwise it's name never changed.

What does Malta export?

Malta exports $3.6 billion worth of goods every year. Industrial equipment, cosmetics, furniture, foodstuffs, footwear and clothing items

What do they have for dinner in Malta?

Maltese people have their own plates, in tradition: . Il-fenkata (rabbit stew) . Soppa tal-armla (goat cheese soup) . Maltese bread with kunserva (tomato paste) ġbejniet (goatcheese) and olives, which is called ħobz biz-żejt . soppa tax-xikel tal-majjal (bacon soup) . stuffat (pork (MORE)

Why is Malta famous?

Malta is today famous for being one of the best scuba diving locations in the Med

Is Malta nice?

Yes, it is a very nice place, it does not have snow but it is very nice and warm and temperature don't normally go below 10 degrees Celsius. It is a small island with a lot of beaches and has friendly people in it. It has its cold days but its mainly nice and warm or sometimes sunny with a cold bree (MORE)

Is it warm in Malta?

Malta is certainly warm, it has an average temperature of 25-30 degrees inspring/ start of summer. Yet the fresh summer breeze never hides under the scorching sun and the sea is as cool as an ice-cream eaten on a hot summer's day

What country has Malta in?

Malta is not in another country. The Republic of Malta ( Republikka ta Malta ) is a sovereign and independent nation. *Please consult Wikipedia if you need further details

How was Malta named?

Malta was named from the Greeks calling it Melite, meaning honey-sweet. Because of that it was nicknamed land of honey from the special unique bee honey production. Melite translated in English is Malta.

Why was Malta bombed?

Malta was bombed in WWII, because Germany was bombing them. If you want to know more about the bombing in Wikipedia type in Mosta Dome Bomb, which is the place Malta got bombed in WWII.

How does Malta relax?

The answer is we don't. Statistics show that we are the no 1 most stressed out country! Check out the level of education in Malta and the job industry and you'll get your answer.

What do children do in Malta?

We live a normal life just like anyone else. We study hard to achieve our goals, hang out with our friends, have a good time etc!

What is there to do in Malta?

Malta is a nice island country in the Mediterranean. Its very good destination for Tourism. Malta is member of the European Union. Good hotels with sea resorts are there. Local people are co-operative and useful. Most of them engaged to Tourism sector speak English.

Why did the Knights of Malta went from Sicily to Malta in 1522?

The Knights went to Malta in 1530 (not in 1522). In 1522 they were located on the island of Rhodes (having settled there in 1309) however during such year they were invaded and defeated by the Ottomans. They were allowed to leave and, following seven years of wandering in Europe, finally Charles V o (MORE)

Where on map is Malta?

Malta is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy and north of Africa

What good did the Knights of Malta do to Malta?

The knights fortified and enhanced their new domain and made the Italian language an official one. Because of the ongoing Crusade , the Knights' main task was to provide medical assistance . They built numerous hospitals and their eight-pointed cross, is still used as a symbol by many first aid or (MORE)

What did the Knights of Malta do to Malta?

There are many things but amongst the most important we can see that they fortified it in order to protect it from the Turkish raiders. Examples may be seen in the fortifications of Valletta or Mdina and also the many shoreline defenses such as small towers,redoubts and batteries...

How can you get to Malta?

It depends where you are coming from. By plane you can fly in to Malta International Airport from most European airports, airlines include; Air Malta, Lufthansa, Ryanair etc. You can also get in by catamaran from Sicily.

What are the langueges in Malta?

The two main languages in Malta are Maltese and English. But in school, in modern times we have to learn either German, Italian, French. And in the past they had to learn Spanish and Arabic.

Does Malta have volcanoes?

No Malta Does NOT Have Volcanoes .. There Is Only ONE And It Is Under The Sea But It Doesn't Errupt Because It Is DEAD ! :)) xx

Can you get from Malta to cicily?

Yes, you have two options, either take a plane from Luqa to Palermo or Catania, or else take a ferry from Valletta to Catania or Pozzallo.

Is Malta developed?

I have personally looked everywhere and have found nothing sayingits developed or developed. So that's a hard question.

Is Malta British?

Oh Dear… Haha No We Are Not British We Are Maltese And In Malta Everyone Talks In English If It Is Someone Who Speaks In English :) But No We Are Not British :))

How do you get to Malta?

It depends from where you came from. Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean sea and it is found a bit away from the equator.

What is postalcode in Malta?

It depends on what area in Malta, but all postal codes are 3 letters and 4 numbers, for example Saint Julian's would be STJ 0001, Sliemea SLM 0001-

Why is Malta called Malta?

Malta is thought to originate from the Latin word for honey,Melita. Malta is very well known for its honey production.

How is Malta?

Malta is an island and it has an inportan history .(The girls arehot.) Malta have many tempils.In the wars the won . If you wantmore go to Malta and you will have fun.....

Who are the knights of Malta?

The Knights of Malta or Knights Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem were a western military order during the Middle Ages. Founded in 1099 in Jerusalem. It is the worlds oldest surviving chivalric order. Headquarters in Palazzo Malta in Rome. The motto is Protecting the Roman Catholic Church a (MORE)