What do Italian farmers grow?

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Rice and tomatoes are products that Italian farmers grow for export. They also are known for their fruit harvests and products from lemon and orange orchards. Additionally, they're strong in the production of grapes and olives.
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What do farmers grow?

farmers grow corn, wheat, fruit and vegetables, barley, kale , oats, rapeseed, etc.

Why do farmers grow crops?

Farmers grow crops because people want crops and are too lazy to make them on their own sometimes. So farmers make their crops, put some to the side for themselves, and then s

What does a farmer grow?

Wheat, corn, barley, livestock, legumes, lentils, oilseed crops, etc.

Who was the first farmer to grow potatoes?

It is impossible to know who the first farmer to grow organic potatoes was. While more farmers grow inorganically now, before the development of synthetic fertilizers and pest

What did early farmers grow?

It depends on where these "early farmers" you're referring to are from, and how early you're asking about: Neolithic age or Early American Colonists.

What do tenant farmers grow?

Anything that's farmed in the area. The "tenant" part of "tenant farmer" refers to the fact that they do not own the land, but are merely renting it from the landowner.

What problems do farmers have when they grow crops?

Producers have problems with such things as hail, high winds causing lodging in crops, drought, flooding, disease and weeds. They will also have challenges with insects, pests

Why do farmers grow coca plant?

Its because in Peru and Bolivia and such its legal and its the highest paying crops they can grow but they still work for pennys on the dollar for their work and risk there li